Todd University

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Todd University is the best financial and business school on the internet.  This is because Todd University places a heavy emphasis on the success of our students after they graduate from our program because we know that if you don’t get real world results it doesn’t matter what you have in your brain or what a piece of paper says that you know.

This University uses the most up to date technology so that we can provide cutting edge financial and business education using online webinars, Facebook live, Instagram live, etc.  We want this information to you by any means.

We are currently offering our Investment Master Class, Investing 101. The cost of this class is $99.99 which is minimal compared to the amount of money you can make if you properly apply the skills you will gain from this course.  You do not want to miss out on this deal.

Students will receive:

  • Investment instruction from a licensed financial adviser with over 8 years of investment experience
  • An investment workbook that tracks the class
  • Instructional slides
  • A copy of Investing 101 the book, written by Charles L Oglesby III, JD and
  • A free 30 minute consultation with Wale the instructor

To sign up for the class click here or fill out the following form and you will be contacted by a Todd University representative.