Investment Club

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Todd Capital Investment Club is our Premier investment product.  Our club is made up of over 185 members who contribute monthly to a pool of funds.  We then invest those funds in index funds, individual stocks and ETFS.

Members make their monthly contribution on the 15th of each month and the purchase is made the following week.  Each member also has their own personal account through an online investment club portal where they can track their balance and the performance of the portfolio as a whole.

To keep our members informed, we have conference calls bi weekly to monthly.  We also keep a running group chat thread where our members communicate their investment ideas and research throughout the day. Additionally, each Monday the club director sends out an investment club snapshot with a screenshot of the account balances and a quick rant about the status of our investments and his outlook on the market.

Getting started with our club is easy. Simply send your first contribution in by the 15th of the month to via paypal or venmo. Following receipt of that contribution we will respond with the membership agreement which will be executed by you. We will then provide Bivio software login instructions so you can track your investments online.

The Investment Club has THREE tiers

  • Lite: $25/month
  • Elite: $100/month
  • PRO: $1000/month 

Todd Capital Investment Club: Aggressive

This is for our aggressive investors. These investors are willing to take on greater than normal risk and purchase penny stocks, emerging markets and IPOs.  Aggressive is the same club at $100 per month however it operates in a separate brokerage account with a separate online portal.

If you are interested in joining either of the investment clubs please complete the form below.