Book List

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The Todd Capital Finance Book List 

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad
  2. Automatic Millionaire
  3. Millionaire Next Door
  4. Richest Man in Babylon
  5. Cashflow Quadrant
  6. Jim Cramers Real Money
  7. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind 
  8. Think and Grow Rich
  9. Intelligent Investor
  10. Brass Knuckle Finance
  11. The Wealth choice
  12. Think and Grow Rich a Black Choice
  13. Get Rich Carefully
  14. Total Money Makeover
  15. Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing

Other Great Books:

Investing in Real Estate Gary Eldredge

Book on Real Estate Investing Brandon Turner 


Eat That Frog 

Building Wealth one House At a Time

The Compound Effect

The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster 

The Power of Broke


The one thing 

Fixer J Series

Atlas Shrug

The Wad

The War of Art 

Millionaire fast lane 

Maximum Achievement 

4 Hour Workweek 

Rich Dad Series 

Who Took My Money 

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity 


Emerging Markets in Multi Family Millions 

Start With No 

A Geography of Time 

List More Sell More 

E myth 

Investing in Apartment Buildings 

Millionaire Real Estate Investor 

Effortless Empire


Make It Big

The Book of Estimating Costs of Rehab

The Golden Rules 

The Entrepreneurial Imperative

Magic of Thinking Big

How to Make Millions with Your Ideas 

The E Myth 


Reducing emotional and material baggage

Less is More 

The monk and the riddle 

The 80/20 Principle

Harvard Business School Case Studies

This Business has Legs 

Land lording for dummies


Self made Billionaire Effect

How to Estimate Rehab 

Four Hour Workweek 

The One Thing 

Hip Hop to Homeowners

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Cashflow Quadrant

University of Success 

Greatest Salesman Ever

Greatest Story Every Told

Millionaire Nextdoor 

A New Earth 

Celestine Prophesy

Bold Business Training 

The Big Short 

One Up on Wall Street 

The book on estimating rehab costs 

Retire Young Retire Rich 

Surrender Experiment 

Six Steps to Seven Figures 

Ultimate Beginners Guide 

It Starts With Why 

Leaders Eat Last 

Think and Grow Rich 

Millionaire fast lane 


What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know about Cashflow 

It’s Not Rocket Science 

Land Lording on Autopilot 

Getting things done 

Rich Dad 



Total Money Makeover

Lean Startup

The One Thing 

Pitch Anything 

Psychology of Selling 

David Lindall

Donald Trump: Art of the Comeback

Think and Grow 

Building Wealth One House at a Time


Best Ever Real Estate Advice h

The Complete Guide to Real Estate Finance 

Millionaire Real Estate Investor 

The Wealth Number 

Book on managing rental properties


Financial intelligence for entrepreneurs

Jay Decima: investing in fixer uppers  

80/20 sales and marketing 

Intelligent Investor

So Good They Can’t Ignore You 

Equity happens 


Deep dive 

Confessions of a real estate entrepreneur 

Millionaire RE Agent


Saint Uurfer CEO 

Flipping confidential 

How I built this podcast 

Discount property vector for com 


Hassle Free Cashflow Investig

Equity Happens

The checklist manifesto 

59 seconds 

Pitch anything 


Work the System