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Todd Capital Monday Market Update

Greetings Membership, A Happy Manic Monday to you all. Dow Jones Industrial Average futures are signaling a slightly positive start to the week. Earnings will continue to dominate the headlines, with financial firms and technology darling set to report today. There’s plenty else to hold investor attention in the meantime, including the much-anticipated meeting between U.S. President Donald […]

Todd Capital Monday Market Update by Jamaal Vetose, Director of Research

Greetings Membership, A very happy Manic Monday to everyone. The market seems to having a rough start to a new trading week on the first day for the second week in a row. The international tension between major economic power continues to be the chief reason between the up and down market swings. Which is […]

If you are going to do business, make sure you don’t do homeboy business, even if you are doing business with your homeboys.  

This morning I got a DM from a client who started her business with a friend and the friend decided that she didn’t want to be a part of the business anymore.  That friend wanted all the money they invested into the deal back out.  She wanted a refund.  The problem with situations like this […]

Todd Capital Monday Market Update, by Jamaal Vetose, Director of Research

A very happy Manic Monday to you all. The averages all seem to be operating on a negatively  today as the market seems to be reacting to several different economic indicators around the globe. Unless something drastic happens within the next few minutes the market will start this new trading week down. Square shares jump […]

How Working for Free Can Enhance your Life and your Career, by Brandon Jackson, Director of Marketing and Social Media

I’m going to be real with you all this week! Working for free can change the trajectory of your career path and increase your business acumen for the better – IF you can see the value in opportunities that are in front of you. It doesn’t sound fun at first but believe me when I tell you – you’ll […]