You can’t consume your way to wealth — Frugality puts the ODDS of becoming wealthy on your side.

As I was riding into the office I was talking to my wife who is on a meal prep kick. She doesn’t know I am writing this and using her life as an example but it is fitting. She was telling me that her meal prep experience from her last diet has carried over habits […]

Networking: The Basics by Brandon Jackson, Director of Content and Social Media

As professionals, networking is one of the practices that can make or break your career and have a significant impact on your entrepreneurial endeavors. It ultimately enhances every aspect of your life if done properly, and with a little bit of luck, can help afford some outstanding opportunities as well as allowing you to create […]

Tulsa Real Estate Fund: We must be willing to get uncomfortable and support our own

Today is the launch of the TREF. I planned for this day for a while. When they announced that we could open up accounts I opened up my personal account and the Todd Capital account. When they said we could fund I had second thoughts. Much like the vacation group that thins out the closer […]