This week in long distance real estate investing: Be Careful (10/23/18)

Be careful might not be the best title for this.  I say that because in the book 10X rule he speaks against being careful.  He says that taking action carefully will prevent  you from getting to 10X which will prevent you from getting to success. Careful might not be the best title for this.  A […]

You don’t buy a fleet (13 Mcdonalds), you buy a truck (1 Mcdonalds) and the truck buys the fleet

There are some things that you as an individual cannot do.  That does not mean that they are impossible, it means that you can’t be a GDI.  Instead you must do the things required to position yourself to benefit form those things. Teamwork, reinvesting the gains, leverage, etc. The point of this post though is […]

This week in long distance real estate investing (10/16/2018): Doing good things for people is part of the ROI. 

I just had an epiphany that I had to share with the community.  We are coming up on the end of a lease for the first tenant.  We were actually reluctant to rent to this tenant.  She didn’t have the best credit score and we had actually turned her down. We turned her down to […]

Distributions in the first year are stupid: Why you should use your assets to acquire more wealth not buy stuff and live the good life

Sometimes there are things that I do and I don’t know why I do them I just know they are the right thing to do. One of those things is holding onto the cash that is generated by our rental properties.  We are in year one building this empire that consists of four doors and […]