Black Men Are Playing The Wrong Game

If you were online at anytime this week you saw the viral twitter post that stated that 50% of black men earn 23k per year. There was a firestorm of tweets that followed. Not much debate. A lot of “I told you so” going on though.

When I read this it reminded me of the story Wall St Trapper brought up when how he was in a jail in Louisiana full of black dudes and it was the white dude he met that told him “yall are playing the wrong game”. They were all in jail for robbing and selling drugs. Low level stuff that lands you in jail or dead yet people keep playing that game. That same energy could be put elsewhere.

What do I mean when I say this? Well interestingly enough the game that Wall St was introduced to and the game I say black men aren’t playing that is keeping their wages low is the same solution. The solution to illegal money is business and investing. The solution to low wages is business and investing.

The beauty in all of this is that it takes the same energy just put in the right places. You don’t have to become anyone different you just have to shift your focus.

The reason our wages are low is because we are foolish enough to think that wages are the way to get wealth in America. We protest minimum wages when even if you get that bump you finna just land at a different level of poverty. That’s the wrong fight. Instead of fighting for min wage why not go out and get a maximum wage? An unlimited wage? The wealthy don’t aim for minimum that max it out.

The reason we are locked up is because we are foolish enough to think that fast drug money is a sustainable solution. Men have to get our minds right and stop just following the path given to us by handler who don’t mean you well.

We are constantly being fed the things that miseducate us and make us useful pawns of those in power. Spend a check and get it right back. Don’t love them hoes. Sell drugs. Rap and play sports. This is the black man mantra. It makes the team owners and prison owners rich. It kills your community.

Working for wages makes them rich. Working for wages kills your community. The reason why they can pay you is because they keep your wages low. If they increased your wages they would be out of business. Wealth and job have nothing to do with each other fam. Wrong game.

You need to be out solving the problems of your community and getting a fair bag in the process. You need to use the cash you are bringing in to become an owner and get a fair bag in the process while creating wealth for later generations. This is the right game. All that stuff you have been convinced to do, to your detriment, furthers their agenda and is destroying your community.

The beauty in this is that you can do it in your spare time. You can do it with little to no money out of pocket. You can do it on weekends and evenings. There is so much time to be out there getting it that there is no justification for not having it.

Swimming in money

Lets do the math. Lets say you make 23k but you put together a hustle that makes you an extra 1k a month. Now you make 35k. The crazy thing about the hustle is in year two you will earn 1k a week. That’s now 75k. And lets not even look at the other streams you can create from the side business as new businesses reveal themselves. Also look at the money you can make in your weekend. You can easily earn an extra 1k a month just working weekends. Now you are swimming in money.

Another thing. It should only take you 40k to live. Average rent in America is 1200 a month, that’s 15k a year, you can eat and entertain and cloth yourself out of the rest. Now that you are making six figures as an employee, business owner and multiple job haver, you MUST put that other 60k to work. If can’t be spent on luxury items and vacations. Do that for five years and flourish king.

Multiple Bosses

One thing I thought about was about how when you are a business owner or investor you have multiple bosses. One person can’t ruin your life like you job can. Now we have multiple tenants, multiple businesses, multiple everything. If one isn’t pulling its weight the other hops in. And when they all pile on each other you are really doing well. Avoid one boss. Expand your reach black man.

To be a successful investor you have to see what others can’t see. The same is true for those who are just looking to win in America. The programming and the images you see are not what you need to be following. Follow the true winners. The winners they don’t show on Sundays on the field. Follow the winners in the box. The anonymous billionaires that make this world move. That is the right game.

We are losing because we are doing the wrong things. The beauty in that is that all we have to do is shift what we are doing and we can be where we need to be. The longer we don’t the longer we lag. The longer we lag the sooner we disappear off this earth. Play the right game and be completely dismissive of the nonsense we have been sold. Boss up.

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