Stay low and explode

In the beginning when you start that venture they are going to tell you all of the things that you aren’t. You don’ have any money. You aren’t turning a profit.  You aren’t as big as the big players in the space.  

The problem with this is that they will be right.  They are right that in this very moment you aren’t what you hope to become. But they are wrong about what you can become. 

So many people don’t start though because they don’t want to be seen in the early stages when people say their business isn’t generating a profit or that their product isn’t top notch.

This is a mistake. This is just part of the process. 

I see this in the people who think they need money to start when instead they need to give away value for free.  I see this in people who want the perfect plan to start when in reality they need to start with the plan they have.  Do something. 

As you stay low and double down on YOU all of the things that they said wasn’t possible for you will begin to manifest.  Amazon took down Wal Mart. Netflix took out Blockbuster.  Too entities people thought were too big to be challenge.  The reality is there is no challenge too big only a heart that is too small for the challenge.  You determine what is “too big” “too hard” “too expensive”.  

They count out these IPOs for not making a profit and smart people pop up telling you only invest in cashflow then Tesla and Spotify post a profit and its party time.  You gotta get in before the party and you gotta not let their pessimism prevent the party from occurring.  Many of you are letting these smart people stop your party when you need to get starting making a party happen. 

As you get started, its up to you to keep going, keep working your dream, keep working on the things that they can’t see.  Just because THEY can’t see it doesn’t mean its not real.  Its not their job to see your vision.  

YOU must bet on you.  You must determine your worth by the amount of work, sacrifice and investment you are willing to put into you.  

Don’t let some dude who is in comp with you or wants what you have tell you what you are worth or what you can and can’t do. 

Just stay hungry and focused in the beginning phases and the success will come. Then they will be back asking you how you did it. 

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