Don’t chase money. Chase the power to change things. (Assets put you in control)

This morning I was thinking about how big the todd capital organization has become.  Right now we are so big that I can put people in place to handle property management, barbershop management, sales management, etc.  All thanks to the 10X. Going 10X bigger even when everyone around me told me I was doing “too much”.

The focus these days isn’t so much on making money and creating wealth as it is creating jobs. I had this revelation this weekend interviewing a brother who does hotels.  His main driver was that hotels create jobs and because they’d create jobs they get favorable treatment from the local government but they also just change the landscape of their people.

I think that the Asian community has a one to one business to individual ratio.  This means they don’t have to deal with poverty or homelessness.  Business matter.

The interesting thing though is that an asset is a business.  We are able to create jobs for various people because we own homes and we own a barbershop and now own a commercial building.

When a white person gets money he builds wal marts, when most black men get money they buy some jewelry. This is what we are on. Creating jobs so that other black men can have money, provide and then become owners themselves There is no limit on the amount of wealth you can get. NO need to be greedy and hoard it all.

Sometimes ownership can be frustrating. Sometimes it can bring burdens but none of them are insurmountable.  Everything can be conquered.  The beauty is that your tenants pay you to solve their problems.  All the money we use is their money repurposed.

The crazy thinga bout ownership is you spend a check and get it right back.  Many of us don’t have property owners in our family so this is foreign, myself included. But we spend all our cash last year and this year got it right back, multiple times over because we have more filled doors.

Ownership puts you in control.  You need that control not just the money. You need that say so.  You need to say who gets hired, who lives where, who pays what.  This is the power and control that actually creates wealth.  If you are at the whim of others with power you  wll be hard pressed to create any headway for yourselves financially.  You gotta get power not just money and that power comes through ouwnership.  Doesn’t have to be big ownership just intelligent ownership.  As you level up you can then reinvest, you can stack the paper you can use the assets to give you even more power.  Power begets power but you gotta get in the asset game first. 

Don’t chase money.  Chase the power to change things.  That is the real hack.

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