Free Work Gets You In The Spaces You Want To Be In

I recently received a DM from a brother who was looking to participate in what we have going on at Todd Capital. I’m sure he has listened to my podcasts and he wanted to add value and lead with the give. Smart man.

I kind of ignored the messages because I was busy but after a few I responded that I needed him to look up some of the properties that we are watching at auction. His response was “sure I can get it done in two weeks”. I told him I needed it done within the next five. He apologized and said he wouldn’t be able to help.

This is where he went wrong. Had he jumped at the op and found a way he would have then had a direct line of communication with me. I would pour my knowledge into him, he would learn how we analyze properties, what we look for and the people that we work with. He would be in the space. In time I would have definitely compensated him for what was free work.

When he told me that he couldn’t do the work this actually gave me the opposite impression. I immediately wrote him off as someone who was unwilling to rise to the occasion. This speaks volumes about your character. Are you someone that I want around me if you find a way not to make an opportunity work? No. Had he jumped at it this would have elevated him on the list. it would have raised his stock value. He would have gotten closer to my team and he would have gained the skills that come with doing the work of the team.

Free work gets you around people. They say your network is your net worth. They don’t say that your paycheck is your net worth but so many people are passing over network opportunities because they don’t come attached to a paycheck.

The connections, the knowledge, the skills, the track record (being able to talk about what you have done with Todd Capital adds to your resume, ask Jamaal and Candace), add value to your life. They put you in the right spaces. Those spaces take you places. Your work ethic once you get in the door can turn into income if you play your cards right.

This blog is to inspire you to not aim for money when you are looking for work. When you work you get the chance to prove yourself to the people that matter. Don’t take this lightly. People are looking for talented and hard working people. How you get in the door isn’t important. What you do once you are in that door is what matters. That door doesn’t have to open the conventional way either. Sometimes they hire you, sometimes you sneak in a crack in the window by adding value to their org. Remember that every successful person wants to be more successful. If you can help them get there you will make a lane for yourself.

Sidebar, this is how everyone does it. Everyone starts as someone’s sidekick or underhand. Don’t turn your nose up at this. This is how every great has gotten their start. Who are you to think you should start at the top and not grind it out?

Lastly, remember, the rich don’t work for money. If you are attaching money to work you cancel the opportunity of getting rich. Get in the spaces and elevate your life through volunteering and then by performing once you get in the door.

The dude who hit me up found someone else who can handle the task. I told him that I take my hat off to him for finding a way to get the job done and for getting it done through someone else, just like I would do. There is a future for this young man at Todd Capital.

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