The enemy of progress and success is this mentality that “it will all work out”. This is something that I hear a lot, mostly from parents. When hit with a problem they just say it will work out or “all things work together for good”. This is a cop out. This allows you to be lazy and do nothing.

Right now I am on a journey of intention. What does intention mean? On purpose. With focus. An aim or plan. It means I MAKE the things I want to see come to pass I don’t merely hope that they do. I put the work in.

Want a great marriage? Make it so. Want you finances to be great again? Make it so, with intention. I put the work in. So many people want a great relationship and put the onus on the other party to create that. I do not. I have told people that I over index on love. I give to my marriage 10X what is required and I am not looking for her 1X. I just keep loving and giving. I took the responsibility to make my marriage great by doing whatever it takes not what is comfortable or convenient and definitely not by making it her responsibility.

Over the last two weeks I have been using the intention journal by bigger pockets. This requires me to plan the weak and then plan the day. At the end of the day I then review the goals.

I am also becoming way more intentional with my finances. I have begun bringing lunch, I’m cutting out the weekly haircuts and bi weekly massages and focusing becoming intentional about my personal growth. On purpose. I am in the lab right now. I am reading, listening and stacking. Hibernation mode.

On purpose, that means that I am taking actions aimed at the goal. I am not merely setting a goal and hoping it will happen. I am not setting a goal and saying “it will work out”. No, that goal is backed by steps toward that goal. The Intention Journal makes you identify your weekly objective and the most important next step. Its like the One Thing. The goal is to do the one thing that makes the other things easier or unnecessary. You knock down that one domino and everything else falls down.

For me, I had to take an inventory of where my money was going (uber eats). I also had to focus on bringing in more money (nights, weekends, evenings). I then put a plan in place.

A huge inspiration for this is the method of comfortability vs profitability. I have been very comfortable for too long. Birthdays, vacations, Charger games. I was wilding. This was ruining my profitability. I had to get ugly. Get ugly and grind.

So that is where we are now. Putting a defined plan that removes all comfort but increases profit and getting ugly. I am sprinting toward being uncomfortable.

Over the weekend my mentor told me to get some sleep because I look exhausted. I took that as a badge of honor. I should be exhausted. If I am not exhausted that means I am not giving it all it takes. As a man its my responsibility to push myself past my limits so that my family doesn’t have any.

This blog is about setting goals and then doing the ugly work to get those goals. This blog is about the process not the prize. This blog is about making it happen not pointing at what you wish would happen. This blog is about intention. Taking aim, getting what you want and getting ugly to get it. Walk with me on this journey for the next ninety days.

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