House hacking: The battle between comfortability and profitability

The more comfortable you are, usually the more broke you are. This was a concept discussed on this week of the Bigger Pockets Podcast.

In this week’s episode they talked about house hacking. House hacking is when you rent out a part of your personal residence for Cashflow.

Whenever people bring up househacking there is always someone that says “I couldn’t do that” “I need my own space”.  I think that this is the mentality that is instilled in may of us from a young age – many of our parents have this mentality that “all grown people need their own space”.  People move out and think “I’m not having no roommates”.

Let’s look at the numbers though.  Say you buy a triplex for 200k.  one unit rents for 1k, the other rents for another 1k. your mortgage is 1200.  Congrats family, you make 800 bucks to live in your home AND you have no housing expense.  The world is your oyster

 One dope thing that comes from this is that the discomfort that comes from househacking also pushes you in other ways.  In the BP episode the ma was househacking his apartment and then rented out his room, he started sleeping on the futon in the living room.  This made him hungry.  He was then more motivated to get what he wanted out of life over and above just that house hack.

What he also spoke on was that he soon got used to sleeping on the futon.  So much so that even when the room was empty, he would sleep on the futon, the futon was his bed at that point.

I point all this out because many of us are holding onto our comfort and don’t realize that in doing so we hold onto our brokenness. Another is that that discomfort won’t be uncomfortable for long.  Lastly, the freedom that comes from giving up where you are now is where you need to dwell.  Get comfortable being uncomfortable, especially as a first gen wealth builder.

So many of us talk about what we can’t do or what someone is keeping us from while we aren’t doing whatever it takes.  We aren’t getting uncomfortable when what you want is on the other side of your comfort. 

House hacking in this airbnb era presents a huge opportunity to finally gain some traction in your finances. I recommend that you find a way and not an excuse.  Your wealth is in your comfort.  Get uncomfortable. 

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