Multiple jobs for multiple people?

On the internet the common theme is that working multiple jobs isn’t multiple streams of income.  I think you MFs are just lazy fam.

I think that people don’t value work, they tolerate work, they do enough work just to be broke.  They want passive income to free them up from having to work. These are the kind of people that will not retire early they are the kind that will work until the die

The most successful people are not the laziest people.  People like Bill Gates, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Elon Musk LOVE work.  They love the process. They love the sleepless nights and constant effort to improve.  Bill Gates said he didn’t take a day off in his twenties.

My goal is to recondition the way that we see work.  And to not turn our nose up at any source of income.

I have always felt this but it really resonated with me when I was listening to the Jay Morrison Money Church Monday episode where he was discussing how he will grind up and get the paper doing odd jobs if need be.  He said that he doesn’t have to be humble because he puts in the work.  He said that he backs up his words with work, not blogs. 

This resonated with me because most folks in our culture do not have that dog.  They do not have that drive or that grind but they do have that protest and complaint.

All streams matter.  I think that we are broke as a culture because we just don’t work hard enough.  We don’t work because we think work is punishment.  We think work is for poor people so we just chill and expect to live lavish without effort because that’s what the rich do right?

When you avoid work you avoid so much. You avoid the skills, the growth the everything.  I am reminded of this at a low level when I see homeless people just sitting there asking for money out of pity.  Then you see the Hispanic dude selling flowers.  That flower selling operation can grow into a huge operation later but begging will just keep you begging.

I don’t know if you know this but we are in last place in America and racism and oppression are not the reasons why.  We just don’t work.  I know a young kid who works two jobs, he is 19, he lives at home, he has no financial worries at all.  Meanwhile the black folks in that same community are getting by with EBT and section 8. That isn’t living. That will not progress you.  Your kids will see that and they wont have learned the values that will allow them to get it.

I think that in a lot of ways I am not different than anyone, I am just willing to do the work.  Yes I read more and have more degrees but what has always set me apart is that I just do the things people talk about.  This is because my parents get it in.  My parents aren’t chilling waiting on a hand out.  In the end, those people win.  The waiters do not win, I see them, I see how they turned out compared to my parents.  I look to my elders to see the end result not my lazy peers.

In conclusion, Any effort you put forth will turn into more. So focus on the effort not on the money.  I am here to tell you that multiple jobs ARE multiple streams but multiple jobs is not the end all. Multiple jobs will get you closer to your goals though. The goal should be to get to the end result not perfection in the process. 

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