“Monday” Email

Greetings all,

I’m writing this in the back of an uber.  Lol shout out to the OC.  Such a crazy place.

I don’t really have any updates to talk about, I did want to mention that it was good to see some movement in the club with proposed trades. Some passed some did not.  Such is the essence of the club.  I want to encourage you all to take control of the club, this is a group effort and your input and recommendations only make us better.

Todd Inv Club A has A value of 30k still, 9300 in cash. We will be putting that to work this week, I promise you

Todd Inv B has a value of 20k with 9200 in cash. Again, will be put to work.

Jamaal posted a tweet that I stand by and that is to find value.  I am a value investor, buffet is one, we are a value investment club IMO.  Thus, we should be seeking value.  Value isn’t always pretty. Value is usually the stuff people hate, where you see the bad reports, the news hates them nobody is recommending them, everyone is laughing at you for losing 40%, that is the value.

GC made the point that everyone says that if you invested in amazon twenty years ago you would be rich but nobody was buying amazon back then.  He is right. Values are based upon buying activity.  If people are selling the stock goes down, if its booming they are buying it up.

This price is an indicator of market sentiment not fundamentals a lot of time.

I say this because we need to continue to buy the ugly not chase the pretty.  There are highs out there, lets avoid them.  Let’s chase the stocks that are getting beaten down and battered.  Let’s chase that IPO that got halved.  Let’s change those med marijuana stocks that got halved from the hype. 

The opportunity is in the value, lets get it.

If you have any questions, please contact Pierre and Thazier they have the sauce. 

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