Entrepreneurship is not optional

This morning I was on IG like I do too often and I came across someone’s IG caption that said “I used to think that entrepreneurship was optional”.  The comment was related to a post about how what she was doing isn’t fearful or scary but second nature.  

It was Dana Chanel and she was talking about how buying a 400k property and redeveloping it or buying a 100k shell shouldn’t be seen as risky but instead as an opportunity as second nature as something you would obviously be doing.


The comment “optional” triggered me.  It was triggering because sometimes we think that building a business is an added bonus or a maybe or something you do when jobs are low or something you do when there aren’t any conflicts with your current position.  Nah fam, entrepreneurship is mandatory.  We must all be building something. We must find a way to always be building.

Change Your Thinking

The key is that the way we view things must change.  Instead of looking for a raise we must look for a product to sell.  Instead of looking for a new job we need to look for a new rental property or a new business to buy. I love how Chris says instead of trading your 40 hours for 20 bucks each hour to make 800 dollars find a 20-dollar product to sell to 40 people.  This is what the wealthy do.  The wealthy do not work for money they trade goods and services for money.  The idea of not being an entrepreneur is not an option. 

Find a Hustle

This relates to a blog I wanted to write earlier this week.  This weekend I was in Watts and I came across some young men selling candy. I expected to see kids when I heard about them but they were teenage boys.  I bought the whole box of candy.  Standing next to them and witnessing the transaction was a homeless lady who has been begging in Watts for the five years I have been there on weekends. She wanted a quarter, I told her to get a hustle.

The key is that we all need a hustle.  We don’t need the next tech idea, we don’t need to compete with the big guys, we needs goods that we can exchange for money. They money I gave those men was well in excess of the little quarter the the homeless chick wanted, but she didn’t have a hustle, she brought no values, she wanted something for nothing and she lft with nothing. 

If you are a professional entrepreneurship is not optional.  If you are jobless, entrepreneurship is not optional.  Get it through your head that you need to not only get your jobs money but you also need the worlds money.  Not marketing your business to the the world in this day in age is just irresponsible.  There is so much money to be made.

So with that said, if you see me promoting my products online don’t hate, just know that I am doing what is required of me. I am serving my people. I am providing a way that many don’t have access to and I am doing my duty.  Entrepreneurs and capitalists do more taking than giving.  This is the new age.  WE aren’t isn’t slavery times an we aren’t in pre union pre min wage days.  These days capitalism is fair.  Capitalists are necessary to improve your community.  The fools that complain about it from a community full of people who don’t produced but consume what is produced and are unwilling to actually produce things in a country that rewards producers are only going to extend the time upon which we are in last place.

Capitalism, entrepreneurship is your duty, your obligation and your responsibility.  Go build something fam.

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