Don’t Be Selfish With Your Skillset and Knowledge

One of the most under utilized values and uses of social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram is the power of professional networking. True, their social purposes where never designed -like LinkedIn was- to be a professional networking platform. But then again Instagram was never intended to be a social networking platform. It was originally designed for photographers to take and filter cool pictures. In fact, the platforms original users use to get highly upset if you would ever post personal pictures or text gram instead of eccentric photos. But as with everything is business the MVP(minimal viable product) changed as the customer grew and told the producer what they wanted.

I say all that to say that if you haven’t used these platforms to share your unique skills with the culture, to give them free knowledge as well as promoting services to produce you revenues, you aren’t serving your community. Just yesterday a young man direct messaged me on twitter asking me career advancement advice about the new firm I’m at, turns out he works there as well, and he about to graduate. He sought out my insight on how he could advance from an analyst up to an associate level and so on. And without hesitation I poured into him all the information I had so he could better himself because more than be a lucrative success I want to be a credible resources to my culture.

Across this country, in various cities where large populace of millennials are, I’m seeing meetups become sort of a think tank. Where diverse membership of the culture are gathering together to share insight on how they are performing certain actions or accumulating large amounts of assets and to that I say…. COME ON. If you are adding value to the community in anyway, if you are operating in a sphere or space where we are often the minority we need you to share with us your experiences, your knowledge base. We can’t hold so tight fisted to information that should be shared so broadly. 

Never have we been more at a critical time within our own personal establishment of wealth and our culture re-establishment of it. This is and should be the whole ” it takes a village mentality”. Despite thinking to contrary being individualistic does not have to mean the absent of caring and pouring into the group. Those things aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive; if you don’t want them to be. Be apart of this movement, join the marathon, champion the cause.


Jamaal W. Vetose

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