Wealthy communities are built through creation not competition

The other day I was thinking about how many people benefit from the podcast. We have an editor, a graphic designer, multiple sponsors, guests, co hosts and of course me, your host. What is important is that this was just an idea I came up with. I called Jamaal or Lance, whoever the first guest was, put my cellphone on speaker and we recorded a conversation. From those conversations was birth an economy. This is just a small example of what happens when you create as opposed to competing.

Another example is the entire Todd Capital family. An idea that I had has turned into an organization of stock market investors, real estate investors, property owners, landlords, property managers, sales associates, CFOs, COOs, presidents and vice presidents. All from an idea. This IDEA created community wealth not just Todd Milli wealth.

The root of this post comes from the book The Science of Getting Rich. In that book the author makes the point that “wealth comes through creation not competition over what has been created” and that “when you obtain wealth through creation you allow thousands to come after you” but “when you obtain wealth through competition you stamp down the efforts of others”.

I believe that we all need to be creating and here is why.

Wealth is about community

I know this might be shocking to you but getting rich isn’t just about how much stuff you can buy. This morning I saw a quote by Dr. Boyce where he speaks on athletes and entertainers who have massive wealth and buy cars and diamonds but don’t build a school that might cost 1 million dollars. These people are fools. They get rich for themselves and let the community struggle.

Meanwhile Mr. Unknown Billionaire has a building at Yale or a school named after him in his honor. In all that money you are getting make sure you put your community first fam.

When you make your money by creation you automatically enrich your community just by the nature of business. I can’t scale my business without paying people which then enriches their lives. I can’t market and advertise my business without adding value to the entire world even if they never make a purchase. My media is available for all so by putting out the media I uplift the community. Some buy, some don’t, all will be enriched. The very nature of creation allows the community to grow not just my pockets.

In turn of course, as mentioned above, all the people connected grow as well. People gain skills, connections, a portfolio. All because I took my skills and brought them to the world and not just my job. Creation allows the community to win.

Creation isn’t about the money

This is very important. Creation should not be money focused. In the book Start With Why he mentions that all the great companies you see today didn’t say “how can I make money” instead they thought “how can I change things”. The money follows, but the money isn’t the primary focus it is a side effect.

You have been chasing money your whole life fam and you have only gone deeper into the hole. How about you start chasing changing things and see how that works for six months.

When you chase change you don’t count the hours, you don’t spend the profits you don’t over charge and under perform. This is so important because you have to fall in love with the process not just the money. This is why money has to come second.

Put the money second and put changing things first and you will get both but if you chase money you will end up with neither.

Creation opens doors for others

Creation as mentioned above has opened many doors for the people that follow. I can name countless people who started with us and then bought their property. Or who started with us and then started investing on their own. Or who created a podcast or who took the skills they gained with us and then got a new job. My effort toward creating something has now allowed other people to do things.

We see this in tech companies who had staff that went on to start a whats app or some other company that made them billions. Their act of creating something new opened up new lanes for other people to create something new. When you create your community wins. When you compete you get a paycheck. You must go out and launch into uncharted territories because people are counting on you. They are watching. They are cheering you on in silence.

Competition kills community

Competition is crap especially among people in the same community. Competition and community literally have nothing to do with each other. Competition is why gangs beef. Competition is why black folks wont support other black folks. Competition is why the black community is losing. We see each other as a threat and not as a potential partner or investor. This is lame and it must end. Competition is promoted because it benefits those that are not in competition. Competition indicates scarcity. When multiple people compete for a job, the wages go down. When multiple people compete for a property they overpay. When businesses compete their prices fall. When we compete we lose and they win.

We must choose community over competition.

So in conclusion. I hope I beat if over your head to create something the world has never seen. Don’t go out and try to do what you see someone else doing fam. If they are doing credit repair, let them have that and find a new lane. If they are flipping in Chicago, let them have that and do their thing. If they are buying rentals in Detroit let them do that fam. Find your own blue ocean. The red ocean looks attractive but it is bound to drizown the more of us flood it. The red ocean is why hot stocks fall and hot markets fall.

In order to have a community we need more ideas and less copying. We don’t need 100 trucking companies but we need trucking companies. We don’t need 100 rental properties owners but we need rental property owners. A healthy community is evenly distributed across industries. Following what others indicates scarcity and scarcity and wealth have nothing to do with each other.

Remember. Competition. It benefits others. Creation benefits your community. Be great.

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