Be Conscious of the Spaces You Occupy

Environment is everything. I realized this at a young age growing up in the suburbs and how our lives were completely different from people close to me who weren’t as privileged. Being in the right environment puts you around people who are doing things, creating things, living a clean life but it also removes you from negative influences that can hold you back.

Me being the thinker that I am, I realized that if you become the world that is around you why don’t I place myself in the world that I want to become?

One of the ways I do this is by working in downtown LA and at one point living in downtown LA. All of Los Angeles is not the same. I don’t just enjoy Los Angeles, I have a particular affinity for the city. The buildings, the cars, the suits, it is all inspiring for the life that I live but also the life that I aspire to live at an even higher level.

When you are around something you become that thing. Mostly by nature because you want to fit in and not stand out. So you work harder, you stay later, you dress better, you drive better. In Los Angeles nobody drives non luxury cars. In Los Angeles nobody wears non luxury brands. Its just beaten into you.

What I like about this is that it pushes you. When you are around things like this and you want them, you find out that you can attain them. You find out that they are within reach. You also find out that you can’t do the same things that you were doing back where you were, when you are here.

In Los Angeles we work way more than 40 hours a week, we work weekends, we work holidays, we do what it takes to live the life that we want. And we ultimately live the lives that we want.

Downtown LA brings something out of you. The inspiration pushes you. The lifestyle keeps you up at night. I would rather work in downtown LA and make less money than work somewhere else. In fact this is exactly what I did. I had two job offers when I took this role. One was in Korea Town and the other is in Downtown. I took a little less to work where I want to work and have parlayed it into a brand and events and more to come.

I write this blog post to challenge you to be conscious of the spaces you occupy. Be conscious of the places you frequent, where you live, where you work, where you socialize. The impacts are far reaching.

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