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This week we lost our investment club president. He started a new job at a financial firm that we wont name but this firm has certain mandates that limit where you invest and also limit activities you engage in that involve investing.  One of those is a clank clank on participating in investment clubs. 

This reminded me too much of my time in corporate America.  When I was working for Edward Jones they had us on lock. I sent out a tweet about Build America Bonds and got an email to take it down.  You literally could not exist on the internet, only through their old form of door knocking were you allowed to promote yourself and bring in business.  This is ridiculous, it is limiting and it is antiquated thinking.  These days social media is the new door knocking except you can knock on all the doors.  

When I was working at Chase we were limited in our investments and we couldn’t participate in any clubs.  What is silly about not being able to participate in clubs is that our leverage and success has all come through teamwork.  We couldn’t do what we are doing if not for other people.  

Another common complain professionals have in these environments is their non compete clauses. If you work in a CPA firm or other finance related firm, you usually sign documents that prevent you from starting a similar business.  They prevent you from bringing in clients or consulting on the side.  You have to ask for permission. 

So the problem with this is that it stunts your wealth.  You become a slave.  You become someone whose sole source is that employer.  They determine how much you make which then determines where you live, where your kids go to school and what kind of a legacy you leave.  This is dangerous and I cannot subscribe to it.  

We all know that wealth and jobs have nothing to do with each other.  Therefore, if you are at a firm like this you must know that it can only be short term.  You cannot become beholden to that organization and only that organization. There is no wealth there and our goal around here is unlimited wealth not a fixed income. 

Another thing is that you must move through entities.  Todd Capital is not me, Todd Capital is a separate and distinct entity set apart from me. Additionally, Todd Consulting is not me. Therefore, I am not in conflict of any agreements not to compete if I were signed to one.  

One of the most valuable things you have as a professional is your skills.  What I know is that you can make more money in the world than you can at your job.  The problem is when the job limits you to just making money through them.  You can’t fall into this.  Its your responsibility to find a way.  There is so much money when you bring in business on top of your job.  The income is unlimited and it’s the same skill.  Trust me, your skills are valuable. If they were not your job would not pay you and the clients, you serve would not pay your boss.  

The point of this post is be careful of becoming beholden to a job.  Avoid opportunities that limit the wealth you build with the promise of future promotion and a nice sized paycheck.  Traps don’t look like traps they look like treats.  Be great. 

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