The more VALUABLE you become the more FREE you become; The value is in you not in the platform

I lost my twitter yesterday.  They snatched it. All 9k almost 10k followers GONE.  Darn. 

I was upset for a little while. I sent multiple emails. Considering suing both Twitter and UMG.  Then I created another twitter and started firing off tweets.

They suspended my twitter because a while back (2018) I had posted some random video that had copyrighted content – it was like a jay z video.  I didn’t make any money from the post, I didn’t even remember posting that tweet, but these days people can find their intellectual property via a search and then they use that to make a big deal out of nothing. 

I actually have a photo licensing company writing me letters over a bitcoin picture I used on a blog post. These lames need to find something better to do.  They killed a ten-year-old account over some nonsense.  I love twitter. 

Twitter isn’t like every other social network.  Twitter is different.  Twitter is probably my favorite social network.  I have been using twitter since 2009.  I was drawn to twitter from days when you could scroll the status updates on Facebook.  That was fun to me.  I think my love for reading and words is why I am drawn to the site.  Back to the story. 

Overtime my twitter has changed from debates and party promo to something deeper.  Twitter to me is therapy.  I do so much reading, so much thinking, so much absorption of content that I have to get it out of my head.  If I don’t, I will go crazy.  I tried to just cut off twitter today when they cut me off but I immediately felt the release when I fired off that first tweet from my new account.  Twitter completes me.

As I was sitting here though I realized that particular profile isn’t valuable. The value is in me.  This means I can take that same value from one page to the next.

I realized the same thing when I left one job to go to the next. I realize the same thing now that I make more money in business than on my job.  What I realized is that the more valuable you become the more free you become. The opportunity isn’t valuable, I am valuable. The partnership isn’t valuable, I am valuable. This means I have the freedom to stop engaging in jobs, partnerships, relationships that do not serve me. I can take my ball and leave. 

This is so important and its is a big part of the choose yourself line of thinking.  This is empowering.  Love me or leave me alone. 

A lot of us talk about IG going away and having our own platform but I realized that I have been doing this.  Before IG we had Facebook, before Facebook we had myspace. Fam, at one point in time we would promo a party through mass texts.  We would just blast out texts.  My first ever college party that I through at our freshman orientation was promoted on sticky notes.  We just wrote our dorm room number on sticky notes and had it popping. I have BEEN doing this.  I have been making things move.

When things like this happen I just see the “set back” as an opportunity to pivot and grow.  I’m inspired.  I am not let down.  I’m not worried about yall because I’m already me.  My only responsibility is to become more dope not to beg twitter to take me back.  Ill take my value to page number two. 

Maybe the fact that the 10-year-old twitter I was using got killed on my 33rd birthday was truly the push I needed to change things and start fresh.  I have political aspirations and I would hate for some 24-year-old me tweets to surface and make me look like a monster.  I am 33 now, I got to sleep at 10pm on purpose, on the weekend.  I don’t want the old me to be carried into the new me. 

Nevertheless, I’m going to keep dropping business and investment fire via the new one and I’m going to keep building this Todd Millionaire empire.  We are growing, we are doing more, we cannot stop.  We cannot be stopped.  We have a culture to change.

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