If you don’t own a home, you are homeless

When I posted this on the timeline someone got upset.  They said that the tweet was insensitive to actual homeless people.  When I said that I could care less, they then responded that I am a bad person because I couldn’t acknowledge that I was wrong.

The reason I didn’t back down was because the post was true and it was harsh so that it motivated you to move. Are there people who would get their feelings hurt? Probably. But that doesn’t make it less true.  In my family we have a motto and the motto is this “sometimes you have to be willing to upset people”.  We have gone through constant instances where we shared the harsh truth with someone, they got upset but that anger pushed them to move.  Whatever gets it done. We are here to make moves not be comfortable in mediocrity. 

The main point

The main point of this was to get people to embrace the reality of their situation.  Folks are homeless and they don’t even know it.  You don’t own that apartment. Your landlord can kick you out whenever. I know you think you have a lease, but any lawyer can find a way around that.  Being a tenant is like being an employee.  You are at the whim of the owner. Your boss can fire you whenever the feel like it.

Home ownership is not just the money you spend on a mortgage or the equity you get down the road, home ownership is power.  If you don’t own a home, you are therefore powerless and also homeless.

I saw a post that said if you think starting a business isn’t great for your wealth just ask your boss how he is doing. Every job was put in place by and entrepreneur who took the risk.  Your apartment has an owner and he enjoys the benefit of ownership via your tenancy. 

Keeping it 100, if you have an apartment you are not actually homeless, but you should conduct yourself as such.  This was a statement to motivate you not to insult you.  I am mean but its because I love you. I am an intensive care bear

Home owners are better people across the board.  Home owners are wealthier across the board.  Yet so many of us are content renting our dream as opposed to owning what we can afford.  One thing I have realized is that ownership grows you. I believe the same must be true when you own your source of income in your business. It grows you. You become who you need to be while doing not while thinking about doing. 

Now that I am 33 I realize that life is long. So many of our parents made it seem like life is only good when you are young but they lied.  Life is great in your thirties, its actually better in your thirties.  Why is this important? Its important because too many of us live for the now and not for the five years form now.  We don’t delay gratification we want that luxury apartment now. We are bougie but renting.  We rent luxury now because we only see now not five years when your rent has increased.  Had you been smart enough to own the mortgage would have stayed the same and your equity would have increased.  Tune out the noise from fake smart people. 

The point of the post was not that you are homeless, but to act as though you are. 

Property taxes

Another person made a comment that you don’t truly own if you have to pay taxes.  My issue with this, outside of the fact that you have to pay taxes not just via home ownership but when you make purchases and when you earn income, is that we often times use one small thing to defeat an entire argument.  This is basically the “not all” of the home ownership debate. 

Too many people think renters don’t pay property taxes.  Too many people think that taxes don’t mean ownership.  Ok.  Enjoy the projects. That is the only place you can live and not pay taxes.  Renters pay taxes via their rent which is enough to pay all of the housing expenses and pay for your landlords range rover.  And taxes are just a matter of life in these United States.  I am just tired of the excuses to stay poor from people who complain about being poor.  Boss us or enjoy your poverty with a smile. 

I’m tired of the excuses. I’m tired of the reasons why it can’t work or why its not nice or why this one thing makes it not true.  At this point you can dip or don’t trip.  You can accept these words or you can not.  We eating over here.

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