Todd Capital Monday Email 8.19

Greetings Family:

Its been a while since I dropped a Monday email but expect these for the next few months.  #weback

To start, I feel like the investment club has lost its umpfh.  I want to bring that back.  I plan on doing a lot of things to do so.  I don’t want the stock club to be some after thought to the other fun things we are doing.  

Some of those momentum moves look like IG lives, of course the conference calls but also just trying to get some more action in slack.  The more we talk and share the more we learn and the more we learn the more we earn…. Continue to share your thoughts and your ideas. 

A few people have learned a little and decided that they can do better on their own.. Ok.. (Jay Shrug) I don’t think the investment club is something you do to get started investing. I don’t think it’s something you do when you can only invest a little. I believe that investing as a club is mandatory for all serious wealth builders.  If this were not true, private equity funds, hedge funds and partnerships among the wealthy would not exist.  The club is really just a private equity fund for the every day person. 

I also feel like the investment club is important because the community needs your contribution. They need your input, your point of view, your knowledge.  Don’t rob the community by hoarding your knowledge to yourself.  

So, with that said, I’m bringing energy back to this thing. More activity, more movement and not just from the new folks.  I want the OG investment club members to chime in too.  There are still a lot of people here.  

In regard to the market, things are very interesting right now.  Stocks are going down hard and then we have some good days like today.  A lot of companies have been hitting 52 week highs so the correction was bound to happen.  The important thing is that we pick quality and bet long.  I don’t want to time anything I just want us to pick what we love. 

Another thing, I don’t buy into the talk of terriffs and interest rates killing the market.  This is silly and should not drive our decision making.  Our goal is to buy great companies and to continue to buy good companies over time, systematically, every month.  We have kind of been doing that but I want to get back to that. 

I wanted to also let you all know that we will be shutting down the bivio side of the investment club at years end and going voleo exclusively.  This will hopefully get to you before Christmas just in case you wanted to ball out but if you do want to move it into your voleo that is fine as well, that is what I will be doing.  

Last thing is that we will be electing a new President at the end of this month. Currently we have two people who have volunteered.  Pierre and Taizhier. If you want to be in the running just let me know on the side and I can get you on the ballot.

Other than that, its business as usual.  Let’s make some trades, lets have some fun, lets continue to build up our resources but more so our investment knowledge.  Thank you for being a part of Todd Capital.  We are nothing without the members. Tax info to come soon for real estate folks.

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Thanks for reading!

Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire

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