Live where you want to live and invest where it makes sense to invest

There is so much money to be made when you find the market you can afford to invest in.  

A lot of us live in high cost markets where it could take years to save up the 20% down payment. While this might seem like a good move it is keeping you on the side lines.  

You could have used that money to invest in a market out of state and been cash flowing right now. You must begin investing now. 

The key to all of this is knowing that there is always a market that you can afford to invest in, you just have to find that market.  This is true because America must adjust to the income levels of the job market surrounding it.  This is how real estate works. It adjusts to the budget of the people. 

This is why property in the bay is expensive, because people are making a ton of money there.  This is why property in the inner city is not, because income is lower.  The key though, is to be smart and invest your money from your high cost of living area into that low cost of living area with the help of the internet.  This is how you take advantage.  I call this cost of living arbitrage.  

To do this you have to do two things.  

Make friends. 

These days with the internet and social media you can make friends that don’t even live in your same state that you have a deeper bond with than those people you have known for years in the same city.

The key with this is that these friends become your boots on the ground, they inspect the property, handle maintenance issues and show the property if need be. You need friends. 

Leverage technology. 

These days with technology you can browse the inventory of any state or zipcode that you want to without having to call realtors and beg them to show you stuff.  All from whatever device you want to. You can use tech to meet people, to find deals, close them and manage them. These days technology closes the gap of distance. 

That is really it. Those two things.  But in tapping into those this creates a world of opportunity if leveraged correctly.  

For example, a great home in Cali cost a half mil.  The mortgage on that is 3k a month.  That is three homes in Detroit that Cashflow and pay the mortgage.  That is how the wealthy thing.  What asset can I get to pay for this mortgage liability. 

Some might say “I need to see my investment; I need to be able to drive past” to that I ask you what are your priorities?  Do you want passive income and financial freedom or are you committed to the emotional feeling of driving by? 

So in conclusion, investing isn’t a local thing, investing is a numbers thing.  Your responsibility is to ensure that you chase flows not comfort. Its not comfortable investing locally but it works.  Don’t limit yourself to your own backyard.  Be willing to reach into the backyard of others. You might have an advantage. Smarten up.  Open the market up.

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