Don’t Believe the Lies; Big Investment Follows Big Work

I saw something on IG today that said “working hard doesn’t create wealth” and it rubbed me the wrong way. I hate when I see that kind of stuff because I think it gives people a pass to do nothing and plan on wealth through some gem, some silver bullet some short cut.

Keeping it real, I was one of those people actually. When I was younger I knew that I couldn’t get rich on a job so I did terrible work on the job. This caused me to lose jobs and lose a base that would allow me to build wealth. I thought “work smart not hard” and I got fired.

These days though, I go in. I work a lot. I work seven days a week. I work 12 hours days. I do not take days off and I do not take holidays. Last time I took a holiday I was sorely disappointed at how lame it was (*cough 4th of July*). Thanks social media.

That said, if wealth doesn’t’ follow work I was confused as to why I was able to invest harder than most folks while I also work harder than most folks. I work harder than everyone and I also invest harder than everyone. I have very many streams of passive income but I also have massive streams of working income. I realized that massive investment follows massive work.

For those that work a lot, you realize that a hidden benefit is that you don’t have time to spend money. So not only am I making more than others I literally don’t have time to spend it. Therefore I must put it somewhere. I put it in the stock market, in my business and in my real estate investments. I have ultimately forced myself to build wealth by not having the time to waste it.

Another thing is that if you both make $50 and hour and you work forty and I work eighty I just doubled you. But when I get home im not watching Love and Hip Hop im learning how to make that extra forty work. I call this the forty forty club. Forty to live and forty to build. Wow, hard work made it all possible.

And of course, Ayesha Selden gets to invest big because her great career that she hustled at 80 hours weeks has allowed her the income to live and invest. So the nonsense of not working is just lazy talk. I will not allow it. Smarten up guys.

Back to me. By actually giving a damn about the 9-5 I lock in a guaranteed base that merely ensures that I wont be homeless and hungry. The job is not supposed to make you rich, it wont make you rich but that doesn’t mean the job isn’t’ necessary. The job IS necessary, until it isn’t. The job is necessary until all that hustle replaces it with security known as consistent passive income.

The key here is that I don’t sit around doing nothing talking about “I work smart not hard”. No, I work smart and hard. I 10X, I do more than enough, I work more than enough, I read more than enough, I listen to too many podcasts. I will out work you and out smart you. *Insert Leo gif*

Its not either or fam. Its all of the above. So chill on the “no hard work” nonsense and go all in. We need more workers and less waiters. We need more builders and less beggars. Its possible to both fam, I promise.

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