Five sources of income other than your 9-5 that a black man MUST have

As a black man you must diversify your sources of income. We are often times underpaid, under employed and most likely to be let go because we are held to impossible standards. This is not a reason to be a little b though. I will not condone your b ness.

Here are some other sources of income that black men can and should engage in:


The skill that you have perfected on your job should be turned into consulting and freelance work. The book Rich Dad Poor Dad speaks on the idea of working to learn not to earn and this is why. You don’t get rich on your job, you merely learn the skill that will get you rich, on your job. From there, you MUST market that skill to world to earn your fortune.

Let me give you an actual example. Lets say you make 45k on your job as an accountant. If you can get 10 bookkeeping clients a month that pay you $200 a month that is an extra $2,000 per month. If you can also get 100 tax clients that pay you $250 that is an extra $25,000. In total, you just doubled more than doubled your income.

The thing about doubling your income is that in year two you will double your clients because of referrals etc. You will also become more efficient. Then year three you will double again and at that point you have a full fledged business with staff.

Do not rest solely on your working income. Use those skills to earn for your last name not just for your bosses last name.

Part time work

A lot of people say that two jobs are for two people, I disagree. Two jobs are for people who want to get ahead. If you can’t get a great wage per hour it is your responsibility to work more hours.

One hidden benefit of part time work is that it keeps you from spending money. When you work evenings you don’t have time for bottle service. When you work weekends you don’t have time for day parties. This saves you money not just in the actual money spent going out but it saves you money in the clothing, grooming etc that you waste trying to look good for people who don’t even like you.

A part time job should make you at least an extra $1,000 per month. If you are smart you will get a tip driven or results driven part time job and do even more. I was listening to a podcast about a guy who had a daytime job and he sold insurance in the evenings. When he started making more at insurance he quit the day job and went full time in sales.

If you are a black man it your responsibility to go out there and earn for your family. Every second of every day should be focused on bringing in the bacon. This includes weekends, evenings, holidays. There are no unpaid days. Leisure will come after you earn it not while you are earning it. A part time job is an easy way to get an extra grand coming in each month.


Now that you are making all this money it is your responsibility to stash it and make it permanent. Take your massive income and turn it into passive income. This can be done through the stock market or through real estate.

In doing this you have to keep in mind that you have to bet big to win big in stocks and real estate. This means that all those thousands should be stashed, not spent. Stay broke, stay hungry, put that money to work.

Keep in mind that just because you invest it doesn’t mean its gone. Investing is not like spending even though it can sometimes feel the same. When you move money from your checking to your brokerage you didn’t actually lose the money. It is still your money its just in a different place. When you throw money at a home you didn’t spend the money you just put it in a different place. This is wealth fam. Soon it will grow and continue to pay you.

A side hustle

Now that you have your consulting, investing and part time flowing you need to create other streams and businesses. These should be in your same lane. The beauty of staying in whatever your lane is is that you are always promoting it even when you aren’t promoting it. You also have a deeper knowledge and interest. My side hustles are my podcast, this blog and other real estate related and investment ventures. All provide people multiple places to pay me. You can only have one job, but you can have as many hustles as you want.

Affiliate money

Affiliate money is bae. When you are an affiliate you make money by selling other peoples products. Almost every social media influencer with a course has the ability to bring you on as an affiliate to sell their course to your market. Take advantage of this and reach out.

The best type or products to affiliate are the high dollar ones. If you have a strong social media following you need to market and promote other peoples products to bring in another $1,000 to $2,000 in income in.

So the key in all this is take a lot of action and movement and bring in money every day not just within M-F and 9-5. You owe it to your family to maximize every day not just count the days as they go by while you wait for that next credit card funded vacay. Be great.

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