In a lot of ways a job sounds like an abusive relationship.

This morning as I was walking into the office I felt mad accomplished. I felt good because I had another one of those days where the stock market made me a lot of money before I walked into the office.

The crazy thing about this is that not only did I make stock market money but I made weekend money this weekend. In fact, my one day of stock money was greater than two weeks worth of weekend money.

Ima still get that weekend money though. I need all the money even if I don’t need it now. These days all the excess gets hidden anyway. I immediately put it to work.

As I continued to ride my scooter into the office I realized that I still have a 9-5, a business and real estate. I am a walking talking 10X, money making, stream having son of a gun.

In doing all this I also noticed that I liberated myself by doing whatever it takes, not by asking for a raise, getting a promotion or getting people to be nice to me. I realized that I live the life that I want to financially because I stopped glamorizing the job.

The problem with jobs is that your boss thinks they own you. The think that they are your source and your only source. They think that your entire sustenance should come by and through them. They treat you like you can’t make it without them. In a lot of ways a job sounds like an abusive relationship.

These people want to keep you locked in and locked down because they know your true worth. In some industries they have non compete clauses built into your work agreement. This is a problem.

This is a problem because you are more valuable than what they have you capped at. Your family needs you to expand past that cap though. You can’t get to wealth if you don’t. Don’t feel obligated to stay down. I encourage you to create streams, anonymously, without bragging or showing off. Get money but keep it on the low because this could motivate them to cut you off, further limit you or make things worse than they need to be. As long as you do your job during job hours you should be able to free lance and hustle in your own. Don’t feel indebted to them.

See, we tend to think that we owe our jobs some duty of loyalty. We think we shouldn’t have other sources outside of them. This is a trap. If you want to see how loyal your job is see how fast they replace you when you quit or they fire you. See how quick that desk is filled once you die. These people do not care about you, your heirs or your legacy. I have seen it and I know you have seen it too.

Remember, you do not owe them loyalty. You owe your family loyalty. Your boss does not get money one way and neither should you. It is your responsibility to get all the money that you can by any means.

I have this talk with my mom a lot. She is a CPA and she does well but if she opened herself up to the world should could 10X her income. If she opened up herself to the world she would get her annual bonus once a week, like I do. She could then hire people, train interns, creates bosses. A profession is a business. A skill is a business, not just a job.

There is more money in the world than there is at your job. Your job knows this. Your job sells to the world but they want to keep you small and selling your talent to them at wholesale. This is a problem.

This is really a problem for the person with student loans. You have to engage in a new arbitrage I consider degree to business arbitrage. Many of us bought our degree wholesale and then we sell our talents to our boss at wholesale. He then marks us up and sells our talent at retail. Stop this. Skip the middle man and sell your wholesale degree at retail directly to the market. Boom.

In doing this you wont just double your income. Soon you will ten x your income. Your job will then be the side hustle. Your job will be the thing you do to keep the lights on while your business funds your wealth. You have to do both, while investing. You can’t just sit and wait on massa to free you, if you are a man, you free yourself. By any means necessary.

So I realized something guys. You don’t get to just hope passive income saves you. You don’t get to just work 40 hours. You don’t get to do what is easy. But you also must be using your spare time to invest and build a business. If you have a professional skillset you have a built in free lance occupation that can free you. If you don’t I recommend you start a service business like lawncare, home cleaning or some other need based business. You must do whatever it takes even if some other people have it easy.

I was thinking about this the other day and that is that there might be people who make more per hour than you but you can close that gap by working more hours than they do. In America, there is no excuse. If you are losing in this here Donald Trump economy, money making just might not be for you. But in all that, just know YOU made the decision to not do whatever it takes.

In conclusion, the point of this post is to encourage you to have the job but don’t let the job have you. Never feel like they are your only source, always choose yourself and build secondary and third sources. As you build them they will grow. So much so that soon you can quit that very job like my bff who won’t tell you that she crossed that bridge yet. Be great.

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