Emotional Boost Are Good, But Don’t Ignore The Implementation

By now you’ll probably seen clips of the profound speech that actor/director/player write/producer Terry Perry did this past Sunday on the annual BET awards broadcast. I’ve rewatched the 4 and half min speech because I believe that each time you read or listen to something it give you something a little different each time. But the problem with speeches like this, is that the recipients often get an immediate emotional boost and they feel like they on cloud 11; but once that passes and their no longer “high” off the moment they let all that inspiration and creative just die in stagnation. But we’re not going to allow that to happen. So after listening to the speech a few times there’s a few point I want to expand on and hope it helps you start or continue to press toward the mark.

Childhoods Are A Master Classes For Greats!

Terry spoke briefly about every Friday going with his mother to watch her play cards with her girlfriends. How he learned how to make his mother laugh when his father was beating her by listening and observing how the ladies made each other laugh during those card games. We all have moments like those spread throughout our childhood and adolescence where an elder- or perhaps even a peer- showed us a skills or talent that we stored up in our subconscious that can be tapped for the greatness of our destiny. People are often looking for the skills, talents, and resources for riches in external outlets when the truth of the matter is you’ve probably already obtain the key foundational pieces that you need. Terry’s ability to tell story and make people laugh was wrapped up in the stories from the lives of those ladies and the pain of his mother. You gift maybe not be wrapped up in something that drastic or traumatize but I’m sure if you were to search the vault of your past you will find that you have been sitting on your greatest assets all along.

Help Somebody Cross

I’ve often said that the key to the culture’s economic and financial prosperity is collaboration, networking, and crowdfunding. None of us can do it alone. We each only have a piece of the puzzle and for our separate goals and ambitions to truly come to fruition we each need to help each other cross. Stop hoarding resources and knowledge that you have simply because you’re afraid that you piece of the pie will get smaller and you want have another. Operation in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration, while competition is good and healthy for advancement partnership is equally as beneficial. And here’s where it’s going to get tricky for a lot of you, helping another cross doesn’t always have to come and won’t always come with something for you in return. You need to be willing to help your peers and contemporaries cross just because you have the ability and means to do so. Helping someone cross sometimes will often be it’s own reward knowing you elevated or help to elevate someone to the next level of their journey.

Own Your Stuff

This one goes without saying but always bears the need to be repeated. OWN YOUR STUFF!! I push the narrative daily on social media platforms that owning the asset is more valuable than having the green back(dollars). When introducing Terry Perry on Sunday Taraji P. Henson made mention that Perry was the first Director and Producer of a project to pay her what she was actually worth in terms of salary. Perry was able to do so because he owned his stuff. It was he production studio so he was literally setting and deciding salaries, and because of that he was able to pay Taraji on per if not more with her peer and the best part HE AINT HAVE TO CLEAR IT WITH NOBODY!! Ownership gives you authority to elevate others in the culture because you have the assets to be able to bear the needs of others on your back. Perry was not exaggerating when he said “There are people whose very lives are tied into your dreams” that is an immense responsibility. But more than that it should be an immense motivator because you if their livelihoods is dependent upon you, success is the only options. Your four times grand child 150years from now, will either be struggling or prospering based off the decisions you made which will ripple thru generation after generation. So what are you going to do? Will you be owed or will you be the owner?

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