How to get a life of luxury

I realized something yesterday. That is that you don’t get Ferraris, Lambos and beach homes out of your working income (duh). You get it out of assets. I realized this as I was walking out of the office telling someone that I need a home in the city and a home in the suburbs.

Their reaction was “that is expensive”. My response was “you don’t get a second home out of working income, you get it out of business and investment income”. From that I realized something, I realized that there are things set aside for the rich and things set aside for the workers and the tenants.

I realized that if you want the things set aside for the rich you have one option and that is acquire assets.

From this I also realized something. I realized that you can’t even value expensive cars, and boats and etc in money, you have to value it in assets. What I mean is that a $300,000 Ferrari with a note of 2k a month doesn’t cost the money, it costs the 10 doors at 200 per door. Or it costs you two flips. There is an exchange that takes place. You get ten doors you get Lambo. You do two flips you get boat.

Why is this important? It is important because it helps you focus on the RIGHT stuff and the right actions. If you know what you want and then know that working hard and saving and putting money in your 401k won’t get it then you can wise up and do the luxury living actions. On the other hand, if you aren’t doing asset oriented actions you can give up the idea of living a life of luxury. Ok? Now, if you know that you need to be acquiring assets you can then do that and use all of your energy and spare time there.

One thing about me is that I spend as much time building my asset column as I spend building my income statement. Yes I have a profession, but when I am not working in the firm I am building my business and analyzing property. Therefore, the limits of the normal worker do not apply to me. I can make money on my day job while I get emails about business income dropping it. Its a wonderful life. So for him, he is looking at the day job wondering how I can stretch my working income but he doesn’t know about the other sources that come through creation whether I work or not. The beauty of passive income is that you don’t have to be passive and you still get the income. Just because the income is passive doesn’t mean that you have to be. I love getting passive income while getting active income. It feels like a life cheat code.

So the problem is this, most of my people don’t know what they don’t know. Most people who lost just weren’t aware. They spent all their time and energy focused on getting free stuff or equality or equal wages when they should have been chasing an advantage, an unlimited wage and domination. They spent all their time getting a good job not knowing that the job is just over broke, you can’t leave it to your kids and it is not meant to save you or create generational wealth. Well, now you know. You know that assets buy luxuries. Assets give you the high level life you are aiming for. The wonderful thing is that assets are available for all. Assets don’t care about your background your skin color where you went to school or what your GPA was. Assets are the great equalizer.

So now that you are aware it is your responsibility to go get it. It is your responsibility to make the trade. Go assets then go luxuries. Take all your cash, asset that cash and then flip it into the life you deserve. The important thing is that the job ain’t gon’ get it there. Only assets can get you there. You can do both but you can’t do only job and live a life of the rich and famous.

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