Your Professional Occupation Should Your Skillset Hack.

Since I didn’t do so well during my early K-12 educational years, I didn’t receive any scholarship for my collegiate years. As a result I hate to work my way thru my five years of undergrad. I’m not unique in this regard most millennial now have to work full or part time while also going to school full or part time. But as I’m growing and advancing in my profession in the financial services and market industry, I’m starting to discover that those seemingly meaningless jobs I worked thru college actually are adding unthought of benefits now.

Quality of Job Choice Matter

The main component of jobs I choose when working thru college was would they work with my school schedule, that was always first and foremost. Second, was could it be a salary job with some benefits. With that in mind two of the position I worked while in college was Division of Corrections and Department of Homeland(TSA Officer). I know your thinking “Jamaal neither has anything to do with finance” true but it was the underlying meaning of me even being able to get those jobs that matter.

Both jobs required me to be able to pass an extensive background checks. And in regards to Homeland, being employed there give me a pretty high security clearance because of the natural of the job involving trying to locate and prevent dangerous materials that could bring down a airplane from ever reach the aircraft. At Division of Corrections there was also some level of security clearance but the management of high stress and dangerous situation was the main parameters of that job.

I’m finding that interviewer nowadays spend a lot of time examining my previous work history not even in finance but in these other odd jobs because of what it says about my ability to adapt and handle diverse situations. The security clearance shows that I can be trusted with sensitive detailed information and in an era of cybersecurity and identity theft in financial markets these things have never been more RELEVANT.

Now of course hindsight is always 20/20. But I wanted to share my recent experiences so that those in this journey currently can have some hope and look at the cup as half full or even an opportunity rather than how I viewed it initially as just a means to an end or a dead in job. Allow every employment or job opportunity to expand your open market skillset. Even if those skills don’t necessarily relate to your professional field of interest on the 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd connection level; you never know how they will later be perceived by employers or better yet business partners.

I have no doubt being in the environments I’ve been in that they’ve built my endurance and tolerance to deal with the hostilities of the stock market; or manage the eccentricities of a 300 plus member investment club. Your path to landing at your ideal professional purpose isn’t always straight it’s often filled with many sidetracks and pit stops. Just make sure at every avenue you travel you leave with something that pours into and make you better equipped for where you will ultimately end up.

Jamaal W Vetose


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