The business of marriage

Last night I sat down with my wife and broke out the entire business for her. I showed her the property management software backend. We got her set up as a user on the property management email and I introduced her to the platform we use to manage our investments. For her, this is great, high level, experience as she is getting her real estate license and now effectively running a property management company that I handed to her. The plan is to get her out of her job by building a business to support what we are doing.

As my business has grown a lot of people have begun to splinter off and start their own projects. They have taken a lot of the knowledge I have shared with them and instead of doubling down on the Todd Capital organization they have desired to just be their own man. Kudos to them. The way I pivot is by bringing more of my operation in house. Depending more on family.

What I have found is that the marriage and family partnership is the hack that we have all been looking for. I have found that this business has allowed me to save my family and get my wife out of the job. If you are going to create opportunities for anyone it should be your family. Build a business that saves your family. Nepotism is the American way. Nepotism IS generational wealth.

I have come up with a few reasons why your life partner is the best business partner.

Combine and conquer

We all go to school, get an education and then take our talents out into the world to build other people’s assets up. That business is someone’s asset and the harder you work the wealthier they become.

Instead of doing this, it would make sense to keep our talents under one roof and build your own asset column up. Build one business not two separate jobs.

Another thing about this combining effect is that on the job it is just you. You have to become all things. Your flaws are magnified and your strengths are belittled. In business as a family you can focus only on doing what you are good at.

Another thing that makes the job focus detrimental is that jobs are individualistic. On your job your wife can’t come and help you work there. Likewise, on her job you can’t come in and help her. Two people can’t build a career but they can build a business. The thing is that you are still the same people with the same education and experience.

I think that one other key point here is that when two or more come together an additional person emerges. Another is that on your job you likely aren’t giving all that you have. A lot of people hold back on their job because they know its not an equal exchange. This will ruin you financially and career wise.

If you compare your half self to your whole self plus the extra power that emerges via teamwork you realize you can go a lot further together working a business than separately building someone else’s. Instead of dividing and getting conquered, combine and conquer.

It is permanent

A marriage, unlike a dating relationship, is permanent. This gives you a hidden connection in business that goes deeper than just lust. We are committed as life partners and the business just supports the fact that we are doing LIFE, not the moment, together.

This speaks to the topic that will be addressed later but one of the dangers of dating is that you are dating someone that is dating others. In marriage this is not the case. Imagine putting a ton of energy and effort and finances into someone that is putting energy and effort into other men. That would be a bad investment. Dating is a bad investment. Marriage is a great one.

The permanency of marriage allows you to give all of you to that marriage knowing that as you add value to the marriage you add value to your own wellbeing. The key takeaway from this section is that its tough to build with people who aren’t committed to you. Time is precious and you don’t want to waste time pouring into someone who can leave tomorrow.

This will cause you to hold back, not reveal everything and always be looking over your shoulder. Your family can do a lot of things but they can’t disappear on you with your business idea. This alone is worth millions. Keeping your secrets with those that are committed long term by force opens up the door to much wealth.

There are no ulterior motives.

When we started the investment club a lot of people joined, not all of them joined for the pure motives I had. Many joined to steal ideas and use them as their own. Many joined to gain access to that network. The worst are those that came in and then built a Todd Capital clone without including Todd Capital. This is bad for business.

In marriage the person is and should be 100% vested in what you are building. This alone can maintain the integrity of the build and allow you the man at the top to be even more open to your partner.

Knowing that you are dealing with someone that won’t steal your ideas is invaluable.

When you win they win

Marriage gives you the security in knowing that if they lose, you lose and if you win they win therefore the relationship is more pure. Every time I won in real estate last year we did something nice for my wife. So the business success is her success. We are on the same page and the same team. This is key. It is key because now you have someone backing you and not just riding with you so that they can get something out of the deal. The “get something out of the deal” is implied.

I don’t believe that business is adversarial but many people do. They are looking to take advantage of you, overcharge, under perform and do scammy business. With a life business partner you don’t have to worry that the person will kill your deal to come up because if the deal is crap they lose too.

Full disclosure and transparency

I was talking to a man from Africa about what it takes to get rich. he said you have to know something that other people don’t know. In some ways, my oversharing has brought competition into my space. By doing videos and podcasts and blogs about our process I created a red ocean of investment club copy cats. Not anymore.

I always tell people that where we invest isn’t the sauce, the knowledge of getting to where we are is the sauce. What do I mean by that? I mean that the financial education that I possess is what allows the ship to run. That education helps us navigate things strategically.

It is no coincidence that we see the most successful business people on the timeline are married couples moving as one. This is because of all the things I just talked about above. I was talking to Erica and she mentioned that she is having issues as a woman dealing with truckers and she wishes she had partnered with a man at times. On the other hand, there are customer service issues that I deal with where I can’t talk to people because I am rough and abrasive where a woman’s touch could come in handy. The key is that marriage builds this into the mix. Marriage gives you the strength of the man with the touch of a woman. We complement each other we don’t need to compete with each other. Business and marriage is the hack. I look forward to seeing where Todd Capital goes as my wife becomes more integral to our business.

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