With Investing, You’re Posture is Important

Ever hear the expression “watch your posture!”? Health care professionals (and parents) know that posture affects a person’s health in many ways. The Bible also has something to say about posture in a spiritual sense. Just like the physical and spiritual metaphor I just mentioned, your investing posture does matter. The posture you take in declining market situation is just as important if not more so than how and where you stand in expanding market times.

We have all noticed that seasons of abundant fruit come when we assume the right posture. When you stand firmly with your feet dig into your position and perhaps even pivoting somewhat to recognize the new season you find yourself. Your portfolio was up 40% now it’s down 18%, will you panic or strategize your way to a even kneel settlement. And I don’t mean to suggest that there is one specific posture for everyone during market cycles. That’s impossible. We all have difficult goals, strategies, ages, and plans for our investment funds so the scale will vary. However one general posture trait is always the same, INVEST!

Invest in bonds, invest in options, take the tell to learn short selling but INVEST. The one positive about market cycles is if you’re a true investor it forces you out of the generic investing strategy of “Pick a security, put my money in, if it goes up good, if it goes down bad”. When you looking to make not just small profits, but sizable gains, you’ll really immerse yourself into “The Game” of investing. Learning several corridors and mechanism to make money in every cycle and phase of financial markets. And that is what I’m truly getting at during this rant, how will your posture look.

Will you simply just be slumped over when the markets are having as much volatility as they’ve been experiencing these days. Are you only a offensive fighter who can only land punches when you’re the aggressor and in control. Hopefully you’re a well balanced tactician who can be stationary when it calls for it and be offensively and defensively minded. So do me a favor, CHECK YOUR POSTURE!!

Jamaal W Vetose


Todd Capital Investments

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