Weekly Update:Manic Monday

Greetings Members,
                                   Happy Manic Monday to you all. Today marks the beginning of the final trading month of the half way point thru 2019. And thus that has become routine as of late the market is starting a Monday in the red for the beginning of the week. The nearly 7% drop in the S&P 500 since its April 30 high is masking some deterioration underneath.Close to one-fifth of all stocks are below their December lows, even though the S&P is up more than 15% since then. The opening of a second trade-war front along the U.S.-Mexico border last week dialed up fear of global economic stagnation and peaking corporate profits, further pressuring stocks and prompting an urgent rush into Treasury bonds.
I can’t remember a time(I am a history bluff) where the market was plagued with such political repercussions on all side that was effecting securities in this manner. And what’s worse the drop and negative pullbacks are having less and less to do with the evaporating or slowing fundamentals of the market itself, and more and more to do with sovereign nation or its leaders, not behaving responsibly with the public posture. Two things I always follow politics and business, because my politics affects business and business affects. And in this moment in time never has this been more true. 
Investment Update

Our investment positions are pretty much unchanged. Mastercard and P&G continue to be our strong pullers while the rest of our portfolio as well as the market keep taking hits. Tilray continues get negative three month span. All Cannabis securities as a sector were lower today with the first transcript of Friday’s regulatory hearing being released and some controversy over ingredients that maybe contained in the production. My honest analysis is we’re going going to have to ride this wave out until the market stabilizes.

As you know I usually do a mid-year review at the end or toward the end of June about the current performance of our holdings. But until something drastically changes my analysis will be incomplete because the market has been performing on normal parameters and to judge these first six months off normal fundamentals would be unfair and unsound. But a review will take place I’m just not yet sure how I will approach the matter for the good of the group. 

Administrative Announcement
In an effort help with the daily operations but more importantly the member record and communication up keep I have bought on a new VP of membership Ms. LaQuida Chauncey. Within a week or two she will be handling the membership email address and all record keeping info and documentation. We are excited for her addition and what she will bring to the position to help us become a more smoothly run operation. I’ll like to than Candace for her services thus far we couldn’t have made it this far without her. And as Charles mention she will be staying on in another capacity. 


In addition to these weekly emails I would also like all of our members to be more active in our slack groups. This group is not merely a passive experience but a think tank to share ideas and gain other perspectives. Please use the slack links below: 

Investment Club for Stocks:https://join.slack.com/t/tcinvestmentclub/shared_invite/enQtNTE2MjUxNzY5NzYyLWZjMGI0MzA2MTA4Y2IyMGM1NzU2NjBkZTlhNGY4YmY2ZmZmNGQ1ZmE4YTIwZWVkN2VhNTczMjk0MmRmNzY0YTI

In Closing

Information from this weekly email is not intended to be investment advice or construed as a recommendation or endorsement of any particular investment or investment strategy, and is for analysis  purposes only. Be sure to understand all risks involved with each strategy, before attempting to place any trade.

Per usual hope you all have a great and prosperous week and an even better investment week. Will talk to you soon!!

Jamaal W Vetose


Todd Capital Investments

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