Create an Asset that Buys Other Assets

Last year I did something crazy. What I did was I stayed broke. I stayed broke, but I generated a ton of income and revenue.

What I was doing was I would generate a ton of money through my consulting company, courses and other things and then I would immediately get rid of the money. I would put it right into the stock market.

By staying broke I was motivated to get back out there bringing in clients and then by rapidly investing the money I was able to always have new fresh capital to buy more lows and take risk with.

It is no secret that working for yourself and being a business owner allows you to make massive amounts of money not the pennies they give us from a job. But the hack here is to use that business, that massive income to fund your investments.

Like I always say, if you are smart about your cashflow your tenants will become your best investors. For us, we stack every dime of rental income, now we have cash to buy another home. We didn’t have to work, save, build our credit to get this new home that will pay us 800 a month, all we did was buy the asset and let the asset buy later assets.

I don’t think you all can truly appreciate how powerful that is. We went from no assets to having assets come to us just for the sake of owning assets. Not by struggle, sacrifice or grind. Not by begging a lender, not by doing anything. This is what wealth looks like. You can’t get rid of wealth.

I was talking to Ericka Williams one time on a friendly consultation call. She explained to me that the borrower you are at deal zero is not the borrower you will be after you acquire deals one and two. At that point you are yourself plus your assets. You are then able to do even more. The income, balance sheet etc all factor into making you more lendable.

What I did was I created a business that funded my investments. Instead of using my working income to invest in the stock market I allowed my business to do it. This allowed me to throw thousands a week at opportunities when many work all year and barely have a thousand to invest in an opportunity. A business will get you to your goals a lot quicker than trading time for money.

So the point of this post is two-fold. 1) buy assets, 2) let your assets buy your later assets.

The true value is in what you own not in what you can generate from your working income. I have cracked the code. This is how the rich get richer. After a while you are playing with house money and house money is never ending.

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