When Did We Start Turning Against Each Other Because of Political Views?

There are people that think that since I voted for Trump that I am racist and hate black people, women and immigrants. My response to that is “have you seen my body of work?” The mere allegation that a business person, who talks about business online and in person 24/7 voted for a man because he hates people is absurd. I want to brag on myself though so here are the things I have done and am doing for black people:

  • In the past year in a half I have helped about 150 black folks start their business.
  • I have created about 500 stock and real estate investors.
  • I drop content nonstop highlighting black success on my podcast and I am always highlighting our achievements and our doers.
  • I share ads and content that promote black excellence daily
  • I am a part of team of investors that created the blackerpockets platform to educate people interested in real estate investment.

But since I identify as a Republican that means I am a bad bad man. If you knew your history you would know that most of your favorite or most successful black political leaders were Republicans. It is possible to be a Republican and love black people. The older I get the more conservative I become.

I bring this up because the question “when did your political views determine that you are a good person or bad person?” floated down my timeline and a lightbulb went off. It went off because it is true. People automatically assume Republicans hate black folks and Democrats love black folks. We think that the people who give you everything and keep you dependent on them are the saviors and the people who encourage you to get it yourself are mean evil people.

As I write this I am reminded of the father mother relationship. My mother allows us to float along, she is the female, she coddles and is more liberal. My father, step father and father in law would be deemed the Republicans, they want you out and getting it because they know you can do it and because they know that laying up on moms will not get you where you want to go. I think both are necessary as I will discuss later in this post.

I often get called a hater because I am not nice. I have zero tolerance. I am my father. I don’t believe in coddling you. I am holding you to a higher standard, pushing you to do what’s not comfortable and by forcing you to get it yourself instead of waiting on the government that I don’t want the best for you. I see your issues and I still tell you to perform. I see you good reasons and I tell you that nobody cares because guess what, nobody cares. I am not saying your problems don’t exist I am telling you to find a way and to do it despite limitations. That is just what winners do.

If we are keeping it 100, most black folks are democrats in name only. Most of our views, ideals and principles are conservative. Only recently since people are going away from church and getting more and more miseducation via advanced degrees are we drifting towards liberalism. Our ancestors, however, were conservative.

The question becomes though, who is actually FOR you and who is actually against you? We tend to exist in a culture where we think that things that are FOR us are actually against us. We have been brainwashed via media and miseducated via our schooling. We believe that the government handout is the savior. We believe that the free lunch is the way. I disagree, but that does not mean I don’t want the best for the community. I want you to learn to fish not be given fish. Actually I want you to own the damn fish farm, anything but the free fish. Despise the free fish.

To take it a step further, I even go as far as promoting those who literally do not like us. Because I believe in our greatness. What I mean by this is that hypothetically speaking, lets say Trump doesn’t like black people (which I don’t believe is true). I have found that our people are resilient and capable. Don’t believe the HIS-tory and miseducation. We perform in the face of adversity.

Please understand that we are builders, we are doers, we are capable.

Those parts of our history were just conveniently omitted. We have a history full of low lights disguised as highlights while they have a history of triumphs that conveniently omits or retells their not so glamourous aspects. This is why I tell the stories I tell on my podcast. If not for those guests, most people would think that nobody was doing what they aspire to do because they only see Lebron and Jay Z on TV not Ayesha Selden n nem.

I am Republican because I would rather someone show that they hate me and I can adapt and work than lie that they are for me while they get me to do nothing, or worse, things that are framed to be in our best interest but that are actually in the interest of the opposition.

I have been making moves despite people not liking me my entire life. I don’t need you to like me to progress. You will respect this work. We must all strive to be valued based on the body of our work not just the content of our character. We are born equal but we do not remain equal.

What you should want is power not people being nice to you, or policies in your favor. Power is the ability to get things done despite resistance. Other communities don’t care about laws they care about power. What I mean by this is eff redlining, eff Jim Crow, eff all that. With the right mindset those become your super power to create your own banks and accumulate the wealth that banks accumulate. Jim Crow turned us into business owners because we didn’t’ have the ability to go elsewhere and spend money. What was meant to hold us back actually propelled us. When those “restrictions” were lifted our top athletes left our leagues and our top talent left our communities. This is why the ghetto is the ghetto, it has been looted of its best in brightest in the name of fake progress and opportunities, promoted by liberals.

When was the last time you saw Asians in the street waving signs or Jews complaining about wages? They don’t complain they compete and create. That is what liberals rob you of. You have been neutered to believe that they are your savior because being the savior pays well. The person who saves gets the accolades. That is why I want you to save yourself and capture the wealth that accrues to the savior.

Back to the idea that you have been mislead into thinking losses were actual wins. An example would be the feminist movement. The feminist movement got black men out of the house while white women went back home to hubby. The civil rights movement pushed for integration when the only thing that got integrated was our money. These days segregation is more prevalent than ever. Communities across the country are divided by race it just comes in the name of wealth and affluence. Thsee are all things that liberals pushed that looked like progress but actually set us back. Who is really for you? Another liberal policy is the whole government entitlements and handouts that h

I think that we all want what is best for the culture. We just go about it different ways. I think that both views are necessary. I think that a good compromise between the two would be ideal. Instead, in this cancel culture that we live in we are quick to shut down and drag someone who says something that we disagree with. This is dangerous and unproductive.

The cancel culture must be replaced with conversation culture. Where instead of shutting others down we sit down, learn and build a plan that takes both sides into account. This is the responsible way toward progress because we can’t move forward as a unit with a divided group.

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