Group Investing is the New Social Security

When I saw my new IG BFF, Rashauna Scott, make this post I hit it with an immediate repost and meme. I didn’t really think too much about what she was saying I just saw the buzzword “group investing” and I got hit with the RT and post bug. Its like a twitch I have. Post first, ask questions last.

A little later, after the post had ran, someone challenged the post and I had to think about how group investing is “social security”. Lets break down the concept of the word to get an idea of what Rashauna Scott was trying to say.

Social: A gathering, especially one organized by the members of a particular club or group.

Security: The state of being free from danger or threat.

When we think of social security we think of a free check from the government. This check is supposed to allow our grandparents to live after retirement. A lot of our grandparents get this check, not a lot of them are living though. Most are just surviving. Nevertheless, the premise behind the name was to use everyone’s money to provide for the needy.

I believe that this is what group investing can and should do. It is the solution to the “we can’t get loans” problem. The jews created a jewish free loan society that lends for school and business start ups. They did it by pooling together money among a lot of people and lending to the needy. If we put as much effort into creating a loan society as we complain about redlining we would be much further ahead.

It is also the solution to the threat and danger of gentrification. It allows us to own the homes in our neighborhoods and not get pushed out from high rents.

It also is a solution to falling prey to the whims of the landlords. If we become the lenders then there can be nobody telling US what we can’t own and what we can’t build. We get ahead of the curve not behind it, begging. These are just a few examples of how the group can protect us, there are many more. I actually had the idea of hiring and funding a private police force that looks like the community they serve, to cut down on the shootings of innocent men and also to just provide safer communities. I can go on and on but a pool of resources makes this all possible. A pool of resources is essential for a community to flourish.

I love that RS made the “social security” point because I had never looked at it from this viewpoint. This is why she is so valuable to my life and business.

Like everything else of substance, social security is a crowdfund. I have made this point over and over again. Social security exists because groups of us put in little pieces of our paychecks then that money is pooled together to fund old people from retirement to death. That funding is their security.

In the same way, group investing is the “gathering” of “members of a particular club or group” in order to provide a “state of being free from danger or threat”. What group investing allows us to do is own and control our communities, dictate the policies in our communities and of course, cashflow and gain appreciation from our communities.

This is made possible through the social aspect. The same aspects that fund the government agenda can also fund your communities agenda. It can provide against the fear of danger or threat.

The problem is that most of us want to invest to get money to then look better than the next man. That is the opposite of social. Last I checked, nobody gets online to complain about not being able to stunt harder. We all get online to complain about social issues, issues that should be solved by the community not the government. The last person you want solving your problems is the government.

The other problem is a lot of us are waiting on that one savior to do all the heavy lifting for us. Instead of chipping in what we have to build we hold onto our pennies and expect LeBron or Robert Smith to do all the heavy lifting. That is ridiculous and unproductive. The savior complex does not work.

Robert Smith paid 40m to handle that debt. According to the 2009 American Community Survey, there were 38,093,725 Black and African Americans in the United States. That means that if all of us put in $1 we could have done what one man did. In the group we can turn small into big. Its a lot easier to get a buck out of someone than it is to make $40m.

Instead of trying to do the huge individually we need to focus on doing the small together which will allow us to do the massive. That would solve a lot of our problems and it is much more attainable.

So to conclude, I want to encourage you to join an investment group no matter how successful you are on your own or how little money you think you have. Its not enough to save yourself. Anyone can do that. Real legends save the culture. Live legendary.

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