The Arrogance Of Investor “Members”

It’s been nearly been six months since I’ve taken over the day to day management, of the investing stock side of Todd Capital Investment, from our Executive Director Charles. For the two years Charles handle it he would also talk about, in passing, how aggressive and entitled some members would be in thru email communication with him about certain aspects of the club. I always believed him but I never fully understood the brunt of it until recently, and today definitely takes the cake. Today Charles and I received an email from a member who informed us that he was lowering his monthly contribution because in his words ” He doesn’t see true returns”.

Let me remind you all, that we spent most of 2019 not invested in the market, because of the volatility that occurred during the final quarter of 2018 and carried into the early part of 2019. To say nothing of the fact, unless you’ve been deaf, dumb, or blind, clearly the market volatility is still occurring; with the latest occurrence showing it’s ugly head this weak. I’m not sure what type of returns you were expecting over the last 45 days(We only been back in the market since the middle to end of March), but long term investing isn’t a instantaneous mechanism. It’s a marathon not a sprint.

If you are a member who has been with us since the beginning way back in 2016 you know that we did not achieve that massive 47% ROI overnight. We went thru phases of swings, winners, losers, and non movers. That profit of $22,000 was achieve over a nearly 19 month campaign, not some flash in the pan occurrence flute that just luckily happened. If you are looking for over night riches let me tell you now, THIS AINT YOUR CLUB!!! We are deliberate and strategic in our approach, the goal is long term valuable appreciation not some inflated hysteria change that’s here today and gone tomorrow.

I don’t claim to be an Oracle, all knowing and knowledge in all in and/or around the financial markets. But I do love investing and financial literacy and I promise that I devote serious time to our strategy and goals, and I will never stray from that avenue to please any recklessly appetites for fast money. If that is what you are seeking, I suggest you get yourself a high powered computation PC and have at it with macro or micro day trading.

Furthermore, myself, Charles, and Lance work on this club out of the love of generational wealth building and crowdfunding passion. We are not compensated in any form and fashion, their are no corner office with plush furnishings, where we are merely collecting fees on your money whether we make you money or not. We each devote extra time to this cause and group in addition to our daily lives because we love and believe in the long term end result. We don’t need pats on the backs or applause before we can up with this concept in hopes that others would join us and believe in the cause and you all have. However, what is expected and should go without saying is common decency and a level of respect that should not need to be reminded to anyone to display.

With that all being said, I look forward to seeing and hearing you all on the call this coming Sunday at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific. Have a great day Membership!

Jamaal W Vetose


Todd Capital Investments

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