Group investing kills the crab in the barrel because it destroys the barrel

Someone recently asked me for some investment advice that most black people wouldn’t know. I thought about this for a second and my answer was this. Team work. That is my answer.

My second answer would probably be bunking up and sharing housing while continuing to be productive which is effectively the same as answer number one. Teamwork.

If we could do those two things, which is really just one thing, we would be leaps and bounds ahead of the game. We would finally be competing in America because everyone else is already doing this.

For some reason people hear what I do and think that people make less money by investing with other people. Or they think that I am dumb for buying homes with a group and not just going out and buying my own homes with my own money. The problem with that conclusion is that you assume that little old me could acquire the things that the group can acquire. I think I’m dope but I’m not nearly as powerful or as smart as all of us.

In one year we bought seven doors. I don’t personally have any family members that own that much rental property. I would be the first. I did it in one year. Now we are moving on to own a barber shop. Nobody in my family owns a barber shop. A group can do in one year the things that an individual couldn’t do in a lifetime.

The reason why my family and your family don’t have these resources is because we don’t move as a family. We are family in name only, not in action. And if we are coming together in action it is usually for a family reunion or some other party. If its business that needs to be done the comment is “nah I couldn’t do business with so and so”. But you can party with them? Ok.

My people are some individuals bro. They would rather struggle solo than float through life with ease in a partnership.

A large part of this is because we don’t invest to just win, we invest to stunt on people. We want the better car, the better vacation, the better school for our kids. Guess what though guys, when you work with the people you are trying to stunt on you can actually stunt harder than your individual stunt.

We have to flip the mindset from stunting ON to stunting WITH. When that happens, the community improves. Group investing kills the crab in the barrel because it destroys the barrel. Instead of trying to go up individually, we expand together and bust the seams.

So I don’t have the solo investment advice. The text book investment advice. I don’t want you loading up on a 401k. I don’t want you focused on that single family home that is a liability. I want you teaming up to buy assets that cashflow, liberating yourself from your job and then getting rich. You can’t do that as an individual.

Why do I push the team approach so much? Because Im not letting a bank dictate where I can invest and what I can invest in. My strategy doesn’t ignore redlining it eliminates its impact. If the banks won’t lend to you, become the bank. It is more empowering and it is more profitable. Not only do your bank customers get better rates, they also get the jobs, the executive level positions and they get the benefit of loans in their community that increase the property values. The profit is in the solutions not in the identification of a problem. He who solves the biggest problem gets the richest.

So many people think that because I don’t dwell on race issues that I am unaware of race issues. I know that racism hurts, but I know that racism is a team sport. I’m more concerned with eliminating the impact of what they are doing than complaining about what they are doing; and what they are doing is moving as a team to destroy you. But peep this, you don’t beat the warriors with hero ball, you beat them with a team. You don’t beat racism with one savior leader, you beat it with a team.

The key though is when you take the team approach the team gets rich. When the team is rich the community is rich. When the community is rich all those problems you complained about have no impact. I don’t blame anyone for doing what’s in the best interest of their community. I blame us for not doing what’s in the best interest of ours. Partner up.

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