Weekly Update: Manic Monday Email

Greetings Membership,
Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all our members with children and too all you with mothers as a whole, hope you showed these pivotal women in your life as much love as they deserved. And of course, Happy Manic Monday to you all. U.S. stocks could be closing in on an inflection point this week as global investors dump equities amid escalating trade tensions with China and question valuations in an environment of slowly accelerating inflation and rising economic risk. The S&P 500 has given back nearly 3% of its impressive year-to-date gains in the seven days that followed President Donald Trump’s threat to impose steeper tariffs on Chinese imports.
This week’s earning lineup isn’t as profound as last week or the week before so big name earnings report before or after the bell won’t be able to distract from the continuous unstable international relations tension. Whether the market rebounds or continues to falter as anybody’s guess, but if I had to land on either side, I’d say this week the indexes will be a mixed bag of results day to day. And come Friday I wouldn’t be surprise if the market finishes relatively flat on the week’s results. 
Investment Portfolio
In line with last week’s market volatility our portfolio was not spared from the up and down of those market movements. One of our stalwarts, Netflix, is now down 0.65% or roughly $66 dollars. Master card and P&G are still holding steady which isn’t surprising, especially with Proctor & Gamble. Whenever there is market uncertainty industrial or consumer brands as always the safe haven before their products are general items customers need no matter what state the market is in. That way I always advocate for a defensive play for any portfolio. Please see attached screenshot for review. 


In addition to these weekly emails I would also like all of our members to be more active in our slack groups. This group is not merely a passive experience but a think tank to share ideas and gain other perspectives. Please use the slack links below: 

Investment Club for Stocks: https://join.slack.com/t/tcinvestmentclub/shared_invite/enQtNTE2MjUxNzY5NzYyLWZjMGI0MzA2MTA4Y2IyMGM1NzU2NjBkZTlhNGY4YmY2ZmZmNGQ1ZmE4YTIwZWVkN2VhNTczMjk0MmRmNzY0YTI

Investment Club for Real Estate: https://join.slack.com/t/todd-acquisitions/shared_invite/enQtNTE0MjQwNzc4Mjk0LTQzMWMyOTkxMGE5YzAwZWQ4OTk4OTA4ZDRmMGEzNjk0NjBmN2IyODZlMTMwZmE0ZjBkODRjNDdlZGVjNzYyOTg

This is just the chat thread so you can stay abreast of what is going on.  You wont be actual RE Club members until you partner on a deal IF you decide to partner on a deal.

P.S. At the next month’s conference it will be an extend call to address how to get the investment stock portion of the club back up to a more active functioning  unit. We will discuss a variety of subjects especially how to get the Voleo investments and TD Ameritrade investments in sync.  This needs to be more of an collaborative effort so we will be taking a more in depth discussion after the routine of the usual call. Please sure to be on the call and encourage other members you know how aren’t usually active to attend as well. I will be sending out a link to the Zoom call later today or tomorrow. And instead of Wednesday the call will be on Friday when we tend to have better turn out. 

In Closing

Information from this weekly email is not intended to be investment advice or construed as a recommendation or endorsement of any particular investment or investment strategy, and is for analysis  purposes only. Be sure to understand all risks involved with each strategy, before attempting to place any trade.

Per usual hope you all have a great and prosperous week and an even better investment week. Will talk to you soon!! 

Jamaal W Vetose 

Todd Capital

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