Golden State Warriors of Business and Real Estate

Last night the Warriors, my favorite team in basketball, squeaked out a win against the Rockets. In doing so we saw a glimpse of old school, pre Kevin Durant, Warriors basketball. It was heavy defense and pro team. The way I like to do business.

As I was reading an article on this pro team approach I saw a quote from Steph. It said,
“Whoever has the ball, no matter if it’s off a pick-and-roll, we swing, make the defense work, make decisions on that end of the floor,”. He went on to say that “we still have a lot of weapons and can create good offense through that type of attack.”

This is how I see business. This is the proper way to do business. If you look at any successful anything in America that has lasted it was done like this. A lot of people don’t know this but Paypal wasn’t an Elon Musk company. Paypal was a merger. A bunch of high level bosses came together to make 1.5billion dollars. From there the bosses went on to start VC funds and/or buy more companies. The team approach gets you to billions. The Harden approach will get you the MVP but billions are better than trophy’s.

One problem with the solo deal is that it is easy to take out. Especially looking back on the history of things. Anything that is an individual endeavor runs the risk of getting chopped off at the head and killing the entire movement. RIP Nip but there can’t just be ONE of us scoring all the points. The Warriors win, and will win this series as long as they play this kind of ball.

When the Warriors are playing Warrior ball they win because each person is a threat in some form. Each person can hit a shot. No single person dominates. The team dominates. This make them tough to stop. This makes them impossible to stop.

In business it can’t just be an attack coming from one person, you have to link up with other powerful people who can knock down the shot knowing that if they make it you get the points, you get the money, you get the wealth.

Another thing that Steph said was that “everything that we do starts with our defense”. This is a key investment principal that I don’t think a lot of people accept. Especially this day in age of the BRRRR that can do no wrong. Tuh. Just wait. The concept of using the same money over and over sounds good but years from now people will be talking about how foolish it was.

Whenever I look at a deal I look at it both offensively and defensively. It is not enough to just play offense but you also don’t want to just play defense. Defense is mando though.

What is defense? Defense can look like aggressively paying down your mortgage to increase equity. Defense can look like stashing cash to protect what you own. Defense can look like buying ONLY at a discount and never at market or above market.

Its not enough to buy it you have to keep what you buy. If you don’t take anything else from this I want you to take this, make sure that you put as much thought into how you are going to protect your assets (not just with an LLC) as you do in how you are going to acquire them.

The Warriors last night locked down on D which opened up the offense. If you lock down the D on your investments it will open up offense. It will open it up because when the sky starts falling you will be the person with cash. Even if it doesn’t fall you can still be aggressive with the cash and equity you accumulated to then go after more deals. Ayesha always speaks on the equity piggy bank. Well your property can become that if you play defense while playing offense. Its not either or, its both, but I don’t think we talk about defensively investing as much as we should. Protect what you own fam. Be like the Warriors.

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