A bee flies because it doesn’t know that it isn’t supposed to fly

This morning I got off the metro commuter train and got into union station where I change trains to get on the metro into downtown la. The metro is full of really bad hombres. People who are just loitering because they have nowhere else to go. Since they all get free public transportation cards they use that to access the train system and just hang out on the train or hang out in the train station.

A few days ago I posted a video of a man getting roughed up when he was resisting arrest. This morning as I was going down the escalator I saw another brother being escorted by cops as he was heading to booking. One train was delayed because some guy just wouldn’t get off the train. It is a really bad situation but I noticed something about what is going on, the majority of these people are African American.

So me being me, I don’t have a victim narrative to sell you. I gave it some thought though. What is it about these people that ALL of them are just in terrible conditions, living on trains and getting arrested. I think a large part of the reason why this is would be the mindset of those people.

This might be a little too transparent but growing up I had a lot of cousins. We all came from the same grandparents. We all share the same skin color. We all exist in the same America. Yet I went on to law school and now an MBA and they dropped out of high school and are still working to get established. If we come from the same DNA and exist in the same United States of America with President Trump, why am I here and they are there? The difference was in how we were raised.

You might not know this about me but the same thoughts and views that I promote online are the ones that were fed into me by conservative Christian and well accomplished parents. Parents that rose above their circumstances by going above and beyond the call of duty not merely doing enough to get by, and definitely not doing nothing and sitting around with excuses for why even if they didn’t something it wouldn’t matter.

When my stepdad wanted a home he worked a full time job and a part time job. He bought the home and then flipped it into a house hack. When my mom wanted a better job she worked full time, raised her kids and went to school at night. She then bought a condo and flipped it for a $60k profit. Spoiler alert is that both my parents are black and exist in these United States.

From that, came me, a combination of the two. I am probably more radical than them but that is because I have seen it work so I can’t even entertain the woe is me stories from people who haven’t been exposed to the things I have been exposed to. Your reality is not my reality.

One of the things that I noticed in my cousins that didn’t reach their potential is the limits placed upon them by their parents. They were cursed out, dogged out, put down and their spirit was destroyed. Me on the other hand was told I was great, smart and capable. In turn I lived up to the words that were spoken into me. And they lived up to the words that were spoken over them.

Back to south LA. The prevailing mindset in the African American community in South LA is one of woe is us, its not possible. They then use this to sit on a train with their hand out when they have 24 hours to be out there getting it. In these United States. They could and should be working deals with the merchants and wholesalers in the city to sell their merchandise on the corner or sweepign floors or mowing lawns or cleaning or ANYTHING productive. Instead, since they have been fed lies about the possibilities, by their own, they have amounted to the words that were spoken over them.

The problem is that you get what you speak. By speaking that it isn’t’ possible you ultimately create a world where things aren’t possible for you. The problem is our beliefs just suck. Many of us are surrounded by defeated people with a poor outlook on life not based on what is possible but on whatever misinformation they have been fed by a quitter. Therefore we look over opportunities daily (poor = passing over opportunities repeatedly). This is what those men sleeping on the train in the middle of the day are doing. Instead of seizing the opportunities they are falling prey to the words that were spoken over them.

It hurts that these people don’t think that better is possible for them but I am more concerned about the people reading this blog. Are you someone who listens to the lies fed to you by liberals and smart social media naysayers? If so, you are limiting your greatness. I want you to know that there are no limits to what you can achieve if you believe you can achieve it. Yes in America and yes under President Trump. Words are seeds guys. And those seeds can be planted to surmount any circumstances you come from. Even if all the things that social justice warriors say are true I still want you to forget about them and press on. A bee flies because it doesn’t know that it isn’t supposed to fly. Be the bee.

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