Club Investing is Boring. Embrace the Marathon.

We have been at this for about three years now. We have far surpassed my expectations in the amount of money we raised, the gains and cashflow we have accumulated and the overall ROI that we have earned. I am impressed with us.

At this point the company has grown so large that I can’t even justify bringing on more people, even though the demand is there. I get calls and emails and DMs to join the club everyday, multiple times per day, so if you are in the circle consider yourself among the privileged.

Im starting to get a sense that we lack energy in the club these days though. Conference calls are falling flat and group chats are dry. Participation has been really low. I think that this is because the excitement has faded. The fun has worn off. I think that this is the wrong thing to do.

Why is it wrong? It is wrong because investing isn’t big and sexy. I have tried to hammer this in but investing is a slow and diligent process where we follow a system of buying and holding and reinvesting. Where we continue to throw new money on top of our current holdings and amass wealth over time. Wealth is a marathon.

The term marathon means “a long-lasting or difficult task or operation of a specified kind.” Club investing done right is just that. A commitment that you make where you get the money to work, over time, for a long amount of time.

The beauty in this commitment is that you die leaving children who want for nothing, just like Nipsey did. The beauty in this is that you did it with $100 a month that you just put in the right place while you continued to live life as you would have with the extra $100. Keeping it real, our investments aren’t making or breaking our pockets but they have the potential to set up our pockets in the future.

It still frustrates me to this day that we pulled out $20,000 because that money would have been better served earning us a return as opposed to whatever silly stuff each of us did with our slice. A $20k investment goes a lot further than a $400 individual check. The power of the group comes in our accumulated ROI not just around accumulated principal. If you are honest with yourself I am sure you didn’t make any $20k legacy moves with your piece, you probably squandered it on sneakers and alcohol.

So as we go into the middle of the year I want to challenge you to commit to the marathon that is Todd Capital. We haven’t failed you yet and if you continue to buy into the vision we will only take us further. We own seven homes and have a six figure investment portfolio and we haven’t even had our foot on the gas. The foot is being placed on it and will stay on it for the next few months though.

I want to remind you to not get caught up in the hype to spend the ROI though. Don’t get caught up in the hype to pull money out. The true wealth is at the end of the marathon not the end of the sprint.

Every time we pull money we blow it on crap. Lets not make that mistake this year. The Marathon Continues.

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I encourage you to invest with us and join our partnership.  We are doing a great work and if we keep up the pace we can be into twelve doors before the middle of next year.  We are also going to buy a truck by midyear.  If you want to form your own contact us for a consultation and we will walk you through the process.

If you are interested in investing with our club on either the stock or real estate side we would be happy to welcome you into the partnership.  Email today to join.

Thanks for reading!

Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire

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