Join a club or start one – Three reasons why an investment club is the best strategy for a new investor with limited funds

This morning someone sent me a message. They told me that they loved the podcast. They then asked how they could get started investing with little to no money. I told him to join an investment club or start an investment club. The latter option is the most lucrative.

See I could give him the obvious series 7 advice (diversify your funds, invest for the long term, dollar cost average, rebalance your portfolio) but I’m not about that. Series 7 advice is for those who already have money.

Its so funny to me that I didn’t’ make the top IG finance influencers list but then I realized that those folks live and die by the financial education sold by their firms. The advice that teaches people to invest at the back of the food chain, buying publicly traded shares, ETFs and holding for the long term. I haven’t met a millionaire that used that strategy to build wealth so I stopped studying it and I stopped preaching it.

This blog is about how being unconventional and taking a focus bigger than just yourself will actually help your investment goals. Here are the three reasons why joining a club is better than throwing a few bucks at a Robinhood account for six months.

Joining a club helps you get high level experience.

When you invest with a club you experience throwing thousands and tens of thousands of dollars at deals, even if you only control a small piece of that deal.

This gives you access, it allows you to ask questions, it allows you to get tips, tricks etc. that will make you a savvy and professional investor, not just an investor.

You can invest your few bucks on your own and experience getting a 10% ROI on 500 or you can pool that $500 with other investors and start talking big money. You wont get rich on the ROI still but you will get rich with access and real life experience.

It gives you built in mentorship

A lot of people hit up my DMs for mentorship. What they want is the prototypical mentorship in the form of phone calls and coaching sessions. The things that coaches typically charge for. The interesting thing about this is that mentorship comes in different forms and often times its not called mentorship and the person giving it doesn’t think they are your mentor. Nevertheless, you still learn the lessons and you still get the value from the relationship.

Working in a club gives you a mentors. In fact it gives you multiple mentors. A mentor is a person with knowledge that is willing to answer questions for you and give you insight into how they do business. If you build the club the right way or join the right club you will come in contact with smart people who can advise you on which moves to make, which markets to buy in and what opportunities to avoid. That mentor you want is in the club you need to start or join.

It allows you access to a mastermind

According to Napoleon Hill the Mastermind principle is “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.” When people think investing they really think “make money so I can stunt on my own community” not “make money so with my community so we can stunt on other communities”. This is a problem.

A wise man seeks the counsel of many. A wise investor also seeks the counsel of other wise investors.

Investing in a group requires ideas to be vetted and scrutinized by many eyes. This gives you more certainty in your decisions and those decisions typically pan out.

So in conclusion, I am not saying don’t invest on your own, of course invest on your own – but you also need to access a club or group of investors who are pooling money together, discussing real life deals and willing to answer your questions as they come up. Don’t be a GDI wealth builder. Partner up.

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Thanks for reading!

Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire


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