When a great company goes on sale you need to do whatever you can to take advantage of this bargain

This morning I woke up to a Robinhood notification stating that TSLA was down 10%. I rolled over and went back to sleep. Such is the life of an investor.

While riding to work I mentioned this to my wife and her response was “what did you learn from that?” I didn’t really have an answer for her but I was grateful that her response wasn’t one condemning me and calling it gambling like she has done in the past. Look at us making progress.

After mulling it over I realized what I needed to do though. I needed to liquidate other positions, free up cash and buy the 10% sale that TSLA and the Nasdaq are offering. This revelation led me to a principle that has always stuck with me. That is that the stock market is the only market where people panic and run out of the store when things go on sale.

When stocks go down this is an indication to buy more not to sell and nurse your wounds. I did just that.

I did this knowing that a discount is exactly the thing that I needed, especially one that comes in advance of earnings.

TSLA fell because of their delivery numbers. They failed to produce enough cars to meet their demand. People on the internet will see this as a bad thing but I see it as a great thing. It is a great thing to have more buyers than you have product to supply them with. For that reason I knew it was time to load up on more cash and wait for the “get back”.

The principle here is that when a great company goes on sale you need to do whatever you can to take advantage of this bargain. What looks like fear and dismay is the pay day that you have been waiting for. I never make money buying great news. Not any money worth talking about. TSLA now is down 10% and when it comes back Ill make all the money that I lost plus more. This is a win win.

Instead of running away from stocks run to them. Instead of running away from trouble run toward. Run toward the sale, run toward the discounts and you will win.

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