I’m choosing myself; I’m not worried about yall

I was in South LA this weekend working with my mentor like I do every weekend and like I think you should consider doing. Getting around black, generational business owner and real estate greatness, and letting it seep into your being. I do this weekly and I have reaped the rewards of doing so.

There is so much value in being around someone that has done what you are trying to do and also giving your skills and expertise to that enterprise. We need more give and take especially with the skills we get from these universities and jobs. Don’t just give back money, also give back your free time and your skills.

While I was there one of the dudes who is about my age came into the store. I have known him for a while so he knows what I do when I’m not there and he knows what I am working towards professionally. Unfortunately, I think he is secretly in competition with me. A lot of people are secretly in competition with me. YOU, the person reading this, you are probably in competition with me. That is why you are reading this blog.

I think the fact that I brag and stunt brings on this competition but nevertheless, it is there.

So while the dude my age is there he is going on and on about all the things he is doing and also trying to downplay my bar situation and other career things I have going on. He had planned to go to law school but his lsat scores wouldn’t allow for it. So his way of kind of evening the playing field and humanizing me is talking about how I have not passed the bar.

After he left my mentor and the owner of the business told me that I should tell him about all the homes we are buying next time he tries to stunt. My response was that I’m not worried about him. I am not worried about proving myself to any of yall. You do not validate me, I validate me.

This is in large part the confidence I have obtained from reading the book Choose Yourself. For the longest time I thought validation was when others said I was doing good. Now I know that is useless. It is useless because no person’s opinion of you is pure. They are secretly competing with you or comparing themselves to you. This makes their evaluation of you biased. If you allow biased opinions to shape your opinion of how you feel about yourself you will always have a low opinion of yourself. I choose to define me. I choose to pick me. I choose to tell myself that I am dope.

Furthermore, the more that I 10X the less I am concerned with the opinions of people who think we are equal but that aren’t actually equal. I know the things I am doing and I don’t need to one up the next man to feel good about what I am doing. I am not worried about yall. . I have learned to be ok with this and instead of proving them wrong via argument, I just execute and win.

The point of this post is that you win through action, not through argument. I win buy developing more homes not by bragging to some peon about what I am doing. I just win. I don’t debate, I don’t explain and I don’t convince. I just focus on the actions I am taking.

The point of this post is the freeing affect that choosing yourself gives you. At this point in my life, no person, no matter how successful gets to determine how I feel about me. I don’t care who they are. I know that my skills, credentials and work ethic determine who I am, not someone’s opinion. Always choose yourself.

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