Start With Why, Again

Success in business doesn’t come from competing on price, features or gimmicks. It comes from focusing on your WHY. This is seen in the story of Apple, in companies like Southwest, and in people like Martin Luther King Jr.

About two years ago on this very blog I wrote a post about an amazing book I was reading. This book spoke to the reason WHY I started the whole Todd Capital organization. I didn’t create Todd Capital to invest in real estate. I didn’t create Todd Capital to buy stocks. I created Todd Capital to create black wealth. Real estate and stocks are just the what for our WHY.

A big part about your why is finding people who believe what you believe. Another, is believing so much in you why that you are unwilling to work with people who don’t believe what you believe. This is a major key for me.

On my most recent episode someone asked HOW I built the tribe that is Todd Capital. I did it by sharing my beliefs. I did it by sharing my WHY. In turn, I brought in more people who believed what I believed and together we have gone on to do some amazing things..

On the other hand, in knowing deep down inside what my goal is, I was able to drop people who didn’t fit the mold of our tribe. An example is the people who have a short term think in regard to investing. They want the quick cash and they want to pull all the money out of the business for the quick spend.

For a while I didn’t know why these people annoyed me but now I know that it is because quick and wealth have absolutely nothing to do with each other. My why is wealth. Quick flies in the face of wealth. Therefore the energy those people brought just rubbed me the wrong way. I had to get those folks out of the paint, asap. Deep down inside I just knew it wasn’t a good fit.

See your WHY drives your actions. Your WHY allows you to move forward knowing that the solution will come to you because you aren’t chasing the buck or the stuff. This is a deeper drive that allows you to thrive not just push by with a gimmick.


I am a terrible salesperson, when I am selling something that I don’t believe in. The first job that I got was at Radio Shack. I didn’t know Radio Shack was a sales job. The thing that sucked about the Shack is that they didn’t always have the best products. We got a lot of off brand, Radio Shack brand and no name brand items like TVs, DVD players, DVD recorders and other things. I struggled to convince people that their crap was worth their money.

For the longest time I though this meant I was a terrible sales person. This was until I got a job at Sprint. When I started working at Sprint they were the best cell phone company out. They had the coolest phones, great service and great plans. When I was working at Sprint I was able to not only sell to strangers but even friends and family. I was a cell phone selling machine.

What the book talks about is the authenticity that comes with operating in your beliefs. When you sell what you believe in people can sense it, you can sense it, it comes though in all your words. This is what Todd Capital is to me. It isn’t a sell because I believe in my heart that black wealth is possible if we just do the right things.

A lot of people are chasing money when they need to be chasing changing things for their people. The problem with chasing money is that it isn’t living or breathing. If you get it, hooray, if you don’t get it you can just come up with an excuse for why you didn’t get it. This is not a strong enough WHY.

Another problem I have with chasing money is that too many of us want to get money just to say we have it and we are willing to sell out and pimp our community in the process. This is seen in wholesalers who take property and flip to the highest bidder. This is seen in rappers who spread terrible music that poisons communities. This is seen in drug dealers that destroy families for a quick buck.

See the wealth, not money, is in solving our problems not in actually chasing money. The money is a byproduct of improving things for your people. Every single problem that folks complain about is an opportunity. Don’t wait for the government to tell you so.

For me I have just decided that I am the person that has to be the problem solver to all the problems people protest about. That is just who I am. I have always been a solver. The key though is that in all this solving we are also creating wealth. The solver in me has ingested this problem and it has birthed within me a passion to create wealth and affluence for my people. Todd capital is not a real estate company it is a wealth building company. We just so happen to use real estate to get there.

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