Weekly Update: Manic Monday Email

Greetings Members,
Happy Manic Monday to you all! This week is another week of earnings week for Wall Street. The biggest names to report will be Under Armour on Tuesday, Cisco Wednesday, Waste Management Thursday, PepsiCo and John Deere Friday. This earning season has been a mixed bag of reports next surprising coming off the heels of a slow holiday season and the long government shutdown in U.S. history. And with the threat of another shutdown looming as early as Friday if a deal isn’t hashed out, I expect the markets to react as the deadline gets closer. 
Investment Strategy

The goal is to have the remaining $35K plus all put back into the market by week’s end. The earning season came upon us and I didn’t want to get caught up in overreactions and selling wave that often take place during the first earning reports of the year. But between today and Friday, Charles and I, have agreed the funds need and will be reinvest back fully in the security that were voted on back tomorrow the end of last year. In addition, this month will be the first month that we will get back to the monthly contribution as well that will go to add to positions we have already massed with the $50K of starting Capital. 
Blog Writers

As many of you know Charles and I often write blog post on varying sectors of investing, real estate, money management, and etc; as a way to offer meaningful content to go along with this crowdfunding group we are all in. But we are not experts on all matter of business and don’t proclaim to be. The but thing about our Coalition is that we are in various industries and profession that add to the think tank of our investing ideas. With that in mind we would like more members who submit written material for blog publication. You don’t have to be an author or excellent writer, perfection is not the goal here. We simply would like more insightful content to push out to the group and to the interested public about matter that could be help. If this sound like something that would interest you please email me so that we can get you posted as soon as possible. 
Annual Fee
We’re still working thru the numbers in regards who has and who hasn’t paid their annual fee for the fiscal year 2019. Once those number have been finalize those who have not paid will he sent one final email in order to obtain the annual fee. We would rather the fee be paid upfront however if you have not paid the fee after the final email your member account will be notated and the fees will be obtained from your investment principal in order to make sure this club runs smoothly and efficiently. Lastly, if you have already paid your fee make sure that you have sent your T-shirt size over to Charles so yours is included in the overall order. 


In addition to these weekly emails I would also like all of our members to be more active in our slack groups. This group is not merely a passive experience but a think tank to share ideas and gain other perspectives. Please use the slack links below: 

Investment Club for Stocks: https://join.slack.com/t/tcinvestmentclub/shared_invite/enQtNTE2MjUxNzY5NzYyLWZjMGI0MzA2MTA4Y2IyMGM1NzU2NjBkZTlhNGY4YmY2ZmZmNGQ1ZmE4YTIwZWVkN2VhNTczMjk0MmRmNzY0YTI

Investment Club for Real Estate: https://join.slack.com/t/todd-acquisitions/shared_invite/enQtNTE0MjQwNzc4Mjk0LTQzMWMyOTkxMGE5YzAwZWQ4OTk4OTA4ZDRmMGEzNjk0NjBmN2IyODZlMTMwZmE0ZjBkODRjNDdlZGVjNzYyOTg

This is just the chat thread so you can stay abreast of what is going on.  You wont be actual RE Club members until you partner on a deal IF you decide to partner on a deal.

In Closing

Information from this weekly email is not intended to be investment advice or construed as a recommendation or endorsement of any particular investment or investment strategy, and is for analysis  purposes only. Be sure to understand all risks involved with each strategy, before attempting to place any trade.

Per usual hope you all have a great and prosperous week and an even better investment week. Will talk to you soon!! 

Jamaal W Vetose 

Todd Capital Investments

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