I quit my job

I really suck at being an employee. I just don’t value the exchange of time for money. This is in part because I have seen people who work their whole lives and retire broke while I have seen business owners who work really hard for a few years and live the life of their dreams forever and then leave that life for their kids. To me, working a day job has never been the wave.

My quest for employment was ruined when I read the book the Cashflow Quadrant and was exposed to the concept of business owners, investors, self employed and employees. Employees never get rich.

From there I read and read and read. So much so that I became too intelligent for full time employment as a means to create wealth. I started to see the game they were playing one me. The work really hard for us while we drive what we want and live how we want to live while you struggle. No thanks.

The concept of working for a weekend, working somewhere where you can’t hire or bring on your friends or family, working somewhere that you can’t pass on to your children is not the wave. So today, I quit my job.

The problem with me is that I know too much to work a day job. I don’t mean that in a way that is insulting to those that work a day job. I mean that in a way of knowing what I want out of life in the grand scheme of things. This has made me look bad because I don’t put my all into my job but I put my all into my business. I work for them but I don’t see them as my path so I don’t give it the honor that they might feel it deserves. I don’t value or honor jobs.

A large part of this is because growing up I was always attracted to the finer things. Boats, Rolls Royce, beach front property. I think that most of us feel this way. What I did though was I then looked at the people that owned those things and reverse engineered their life to mine. These people were business owners and investors. Therefore I must become a business owner and investor. Back to the topic of reading.

I read a lot and I am grateful for that. I appreciate it because it allows me to layer concepts on top of each other. This part of my life is called Choose Yourself, mixed with of course some Rich Dad Poor Dad. I also incorporate a ton of Grant Cardone (take a lot of action) and Gary V (product a lot of content) concepts into all those self choosing. You are the bag, secure your self.

We sell ourself short at jobs by selling our time to them at wholesale (in bulk and for low) so they can then resell our time at retail and keep the profit for themselves. This isn’t just unfair to you, it is unfair to your heirs, and your immediate family. That successful business that is deep inside of you that you are trading for $50k/ year is a billion dollar enterprise that feeds families. This is especially true if you have a skill or a trade. Yes there are a lot failed businesses but I think this applies to those with pipe dreams not real trades. A business backed by a skill or trade will succeed.

Last year I told the good folks over at XYZ, LLC that I needed a raise. I didn’t get that raise on the spot but this prompted me to choose myself. From there I put together the real estate platform, the tax platform, the consulting platform and gave myself a raise. That raise actually doubled my salary (which is now on track to double that double in 2019) and allows me to now work for myself as opposed to working for THEM. I told people that the success you achieve in business will then grow exponentially. The more work I do for me the more I build me the more I make. There are no limits on your income when you work for your own brand and then that work compounds. The great thing about business ownership is the work you do in year one can still pay you in year 25. An example is that we went from on client per week in year one to one client per day. Success breeds success.

Now that I work for Todd Capital exclusively my mission is to help as many people as I can, 24/7, 365. This means that I can now serve MY community not the community of Orange County, CA. This means that I can produce more content and change more lives. This means that my community will be further elevated through our work. That alone is amazing. Our people are starving for good folks with skills to bring them back to their community as opposed to forcing other communities to validate them. I am off that. IT won’t ever happen.

Quitting my job allows me to focus more on us and less on them. Quitting my job allows me to elevate to the level I decide to not the level they keep me on. I am excited for what is to come and I am excited about all the people we are going to help in the process. Black business, especially black big business (which is what Todd Capital is) is a quid pro quo. As we elevate so does our staff and so does our employees. This is a monumental moment and I look forward to see what is to come.

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Thanks for reading!

Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire


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