What are you building?

I was on a brother’s IG profile where he was discussing the government shut down. He made the point in true business owner, 100% accountability fashion and said that “you wouldn’t be stressed about a government shut down if you had more than one bag coming in”. Or something similar. Basically his point was to stop blaming the government and start blaming your lack of multiple streams of income. Tweet like Todd Milli.

This is the polar opposite of what Snoop said this morning when he made his post about the shut down. His stance was “Eff Donald Trump he doesn’t care about you because he shut the government down now you all have to struggle”. Sometimes the elite of us can be the biggest victims and pawns. People like Snoop and famous athletes are highly paid employees so they think like victims not bosses. Bosses take 100% accountability despite what the government does.

Back to my IG friend. On the IG post he mentioned that there are employees and then there are builders. The builders are those who have multiple streams of income. What he was referring to were business owners and investors but I had never heard it referred to as builders even though that is obviously what we are.

This disconnect is why people think that they start businesses as opposed to BUILDING them. This disconnect is why the community is in trouble, we don’t have a lot of builders, but we have a lot of beggars. There is nobility in building. Your community will better off if there was more building. We need to celebrate the builders and not the beggars (victims).

The concept of building is so important because when you relate building to business and investing it brings light to the grunt work that is required. This isn’t the idea that just pops with ease this is the idea that keeps you up at night coding, tweaking, writing, refining. This is the building that is required to participate in the B and I quadrants where wealth resides. B and I equal builders not just passive investors.

In 2019 the question is what are you building? If you believe we need better food in the hood. What are you building? If you believe we need better schools and education in the hood. The question is what are you building? If you think we need better families what are you building? It is time that we become proactive about what we want and start building not pointing, begging and waiting. Building.

Everyone of us knows there are problems. But instead of getting after them so many of those who are more than capable of solving them sit around complaining that nobody is willing to solve them. Denzel Washington said that in Equalizer 2. It was a major key and a major message that many miss. Every single one of us has the ability to solve every single problem in the community. But instead of doing the work we just rather sit around mad that nobody is doing the work. Be the change.

I want to let you in on a secret though. The secret, folks, is that in all work there is profit. Don’t believe the hype. Whatever you build to save the community will also build your wealth. That school. That grocery store or farm. That program to teach kids about how to deal with police officers. That is the wealth building idea that you have been waiting for while you were busy trying to think up the next uber for pancakes. We don’t need that. What we need are solutions to obvious problems not the next tech unicorn.

So the key here is stop working for builders and start building. Stop begging builders to build for you and start building for yourself. Stop allowing them to retain the profit from the buildings in your community and start retaining the profits from the buildings you build for your community. In 2019 I ask you, what are you building?

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Todd Millionaire


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