Don’t focus on the overall stock market, focus on individual companies

The market has currently been tanking.  It is amazing to see.  Every morning I wake up to notification about great companies getting hammered, some deserve it and some don’t.  When companies fall so does the index and what we get in the headlines is that the Dow fell or the S and P fell.  All of this to scare people out of the market and onto the sidelines.

When there is blood on the streets that is when I rush in.  I have been sitting in cash during this entire crash because things were doing too good that I didn’t see any deals.  Well now there is nothing but deals and I have a ton of money to make gobbling them up.  Here are some of my ideas in making money during this market.

Don’t buy the index buy the company

I am a fundamental investor. This means that I focus on buying companies not buying charts. This means that I care about brand, brand growth, quality of product, sales, revenue, profits all of the things that actually matter to a company.  Sometimes the market doesn’t care about those things.

This crash we are seeing has almost nothing to do with the fundamentals of these companies.  This creates an opportunity to buy mispriced assets.

Why? Because now these companies are undervalued.

I told people that the market was overvalued for a long time.  Companies like Amazon and Netflix and Apple had gotten ahead of their intrinsic value.  See investing is logical and sometimes the problem with winning is you start thinking YOU did it.  We watched Amazon and Netflix run up and cheered it on meanwhile I KNEW I didn’t make some genius prediction.  I got worried, I didn’t celebrate, I took profits OFF the table and saw the market tumble.


A long time ago I sold TWTR ahead of a huge decline.  I was asked how I knew it was coming and the answer was that I didn’t know I just knew the price of the stock didn’t match the intrinsic value of the stock.  Sometimes you just have a gut feeling.  Before this stock crash I didn’t know when it would happen I just knew that I didn’t like where things were.

Buy the company

So the key here is that while stocks are falling your job is to find good companies that are getting hit by association.  The entire market is falling but not all companies are overvalued, not all companies are struggling.

Find the TSLA, the HABT, the CMG even the AMZN and APPL and stock up on low priced assets.  If these companies fall, buy more.  The name of the game is buy low and now is the buy low time.  Buy low is usually when there is blood in the streets not when there is a party going on.  We watched the party. People bought the party and now they are losing big time. They must not read my blog.  I told you AMZN and NFLX were due for a correction.

Well don’t rationalize what I am saying here with your mind, just take action and make it happen with my understanding.  It boggles my mind sometimes the push back that I get from people who don’t have my credentials, licenses or work experience.  If you understood what I understood you would have the same credentials.

You need to be on the hunt now, buying up everything.  Don’t worry about if it makes sense to you just follow my lead.  I haven’t failed you yet.

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