A ‘so what’ mentality

This morning I logged onto facebook to catch up on my dose of news on oppression and white man blame.  I was met with an article on the disparity between black and white children who know how to swim and black and white children who don’t.  The conclusion on the article was that segregation blocked access to pools which then kept black children from learning how to swim.  My response to the article was “don’t you all ever get tired of blaming racism and white people for everything?”

I don’t know why it is this way but there is something about Eric Thomas that resonates with me.  He has this no nonsense, no excuse mentality that I always need to kick me in the rear end before I start my day.  This morning I was listening to a post about “manning up”.  He always talks about how he didn’t have a father and his mother was a teenage mother but his response was basically ‘so what’.  He still pushed himself to become one of the greatest motivational speakers ever and his charge for you is to have the same mentality “so what”.

Your ancestors had it rough. So what.  The system doesn’t want you to win.  So what.  We need to adopt a so what mentality across the board in pursuit of victory. No matter the issue, no matter the excuse, no matter the good reason, so what.  This so what mentality will have you working nights, weekends, holidays and avoiding vacations.  This so what mentality will impose the sacrifice that the excuse mentality does not.  We live a convenient and comfortable lifestyle where we fit in work around life and fit in paying for the right things around paying for luxuries.  That doesn’t require sacrifice but doesn’t yield success and then we wonder why we don’t have success. 

See, nobody cares about your excuses or good reasons.  Part of that is because they put you in that condition in the first place.  You are losing because they put in place a strategy to defeat you and you think you are making progress by bringing awareness to the fact that they beat you (I’m sure they know this) or bringing awareness to your THEORIES on how they beat  you (they know how they beat you and they know how they did it a lot better than your guess work).

The people that win in America, despite their race, adopt the mentality of so what.  No excuses only results.  This applies to everything.  Your wife left you? So what. Your job fired you? So what. The list goes on and on.

The important piece is the mentality shift that is required to feel struggle, to feel defeat, to have the reason to quit but still press on.  This is similar to running a marathon or 5k.  When you are running long distance you will feel pain.  You will feel tired, but you keep running.  You don’t stop running and say “well my leg hurt” or “its cold out here”.

A lot of us are talking about the elements instead of sprinting through them and then wonder why we aren’t crossing the finish line.  A lot of us aren’t even feeling the elements, we are just talking about the possibility of being out of breath and out in the cold as we sit on the couch watching dancing with the stars.  That is some weak stuff.

If we want to win the marathon of wealth we must press on despite the all the hurts, pains, good reasons, studies, think pieces, protests, injustices, youtube videos, debates etc. Progress must be the path anything else is just a distraction.

I want to let you in on a secret.  Running through the difficulties of life is only difficult when  you aren’t willing to run. Once  you get out there you realize that the things you thought were a bid deal aren’t and the things that you thought were going to hold you back don’t.  You will be winning in no time and you not only will be over those hurdles you will be a master hurdler springing over them. No more victim stuff. Get off the victim sideline and do work.

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