The diversification of life: 3 things I learned after a year of going 10X

This weekend someone told me that I took the book 10X Rule and ran with it.  I don’t know if that was a compliment or not but thanks brother!

The 10X rule changed my life and it did that because it demystified success in sales and business for me.  Early in my life I struggled with sales and hitting my numbers and I thought it was a personality thing.  Turns out it wasn’t that.  It was the fact that I wasn’t putting in enough reps and not just enough I wasn’t putting in 10X the reps.

What is 10X?  The 10X rule states that to achieve massive success you have to set goals 10 times what you think you can hit and you have to do 10 times the actions that you think you need to take.  Whatever your financial goal is, add a zero and now you are operating in 10X.  You will know you are operating at 10X when you start creating new problems and when start getting warnings from other people.

What you will realize is that in a lot of ways we place limits on ourselves. 10X pushes you well past those limits into a realm that most people can only dream of, that is when you can deem yourself successful.

Here are some things I learned form the book

10X Means you have success and failure at the same time 

The most exciting thing to me about 10X was on the days that I had bad news.  Back in the day bad news meant that my only news for the day was that bad news because I was a 1Xer.  My success was dependent upon the success of that 1X.  These days since I have multiple balls in the air I will get great news and bad news and sometimes I will even get more good news than that bad news.  This is exactly what diversification does in the stock market. This is why I call 10X the diversification of life.  The more things you have going on the more likely you are to always be winning in some form.  The more things you have going you ensure success from any stream.  You become almost like a hedge fund of life.

In the stock market, you buy multiple stocks (hedge) because you want the ability to not lose completely if one stock falls.  The difference between life and the stock market is that there is no finite amount of resources you can allocate toward life.  In stocks your gains can be depleted because you couldn’t invest all money in one winner but in life you can go all in all over the place so when you hit you really hit.  This brings me to my next point.

10X means you can layer success

When you have a lot of things going you can also win in different areas at the same time.  This is one of my favorite things.  I love when my business is popping, my stocks, my real estate is popping and my working income, overtime and side income are popping all at the same time.

When I was younger I only relied on my working income.  The days I walked into the office and got fired I became a 100% loser.  These days even if I lose my job I have other streams to catch me.  Part of this was a form of self employment insurance that I put in place to protect me from the helplessness I felt during those periods in my life another part of it is just the power of 10X.

There were days this year that my stocks, in one day, made more than I would make the whole month working. Talk about feeling empowered. There are things you don’t put up with when you don’t NEED the job.  10X is empowering.  10X puts the power in YOUR hands.

Another form of layering success is just adding more products to your portfolio.  For the majority of the year I did LLCs and only LLCs.  When I started to include consulting and coaching and books and courses I would then have multiple products selling at the same time.  This is what 10X does as well.  Everything gets 10Xed even the product offering.  Offer more products and something is bound to connect with your customers.

10X is exhausting but 10X is the only way to guarantee you always have the registered ringing and always have some form of success hitting each day.

When you 10X you layer success and when you layer success you always have success. That is a good life.

10X Will create enemies

When you take a lot of action you create a lot of envy.  This isn’t a bad thing this is a life thing.  People who are losing just don’t like winners.  I encourage you to embrace it.

What I learned is that every enemy I made turned me into a better business person.  As egotistical as I am I still make mistakes.  The thing is for me mistakes aren’t fatal.  If I ruin a relationship I don’t mope around about that ruined relationship, I take more action, create more content and create more products.  As my business mentor has shown me over and over ‘one monkey doesn’t stop the show’.  Never let anyone, no matter how successful they are and how helpful they are to your business think they alone control your destiny.  That is the complete opposite of the choose  yourself economy.

Every enemy I create has steered my ship and allowed me to level up further.  Don’t take less action in fear of hurting peoples feelings or rubbing them the wrong way.  Don’t take less action in fear of making mistakes.  Those things are there to help you improve so you can polish the final product.

If you think we are done just because we had an okay year in 2018 think again.  2019 we are layering more success and creating more enemies.  See you at the top!

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